Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Wednesday 13 January 2010

Dream: the IT Guy is homeless, living on a beach and wearing the same clothes to work every day.  He says and claims that he is loving it but come on, this is a shitty state of affairs.  I don’t act like I’m worried about the guy but I am.

This morning the world wakes up to news of horrible occurrences of disaster in Haiti which serves to put our recent snow gripes in England into context.  What has happened to those poor people really works to make me feel grateful that I live in such a safe country where the elements are just a nuisance as opposed to a life threatening part of my existence.

Surprising no one it is still fucking freezing today but if that is the worst of my worries that’s not such a bad thing.  This is however coupled with my train turning up late again; a point that is made worse by the teaser of a goods train passing by us when we thought our lengthy chariot had arrived.

Currently there are two Kym Marsh lookalikes that board this train with me.  Compared with each other they do not really look similar but in their own ways they look like her majesty.  For some reason though I struggle to tell these two extras apart.

On the train today is my older cousin Sean.  He is somewhat more well adjusted than I and as a result I try to avoid him every time that I see him on the train.  Unfortunately today this is not possible and as we exit the train the moment comes when we have to acknowledge each other at which point I literally squeak out a most embarrassing, probably camp “hiya.”  What must my reputation with our extended family be?

Boarding the tube this morning I spot the Bellalike.  She looks disorientated as ever.  In addition to looking like Bella she also looks a bit like the fat daughter that used to live opposite us in Little Clacton, the daughter the father (stepfather) didn’t apparently molest.

As we board the tube an Asian dude cuts in front of me and when I proceed to clip his heal in some immature reaction he appears to take great offence to this, occasionally firing me some dishevelled and feebly aggressive glares.  Do something.

Again this morning Great Portland Street station is flooded and closed, so in theory you would suspect/think that our tube journey would be quicker and shorter having to now stop at one less station.  How naïve.

Eventually as I emerge at St Johns Wood I find myself confronted by a shocking amount of snow, where did this come from?  As I stumble to the restaurant relatively heavy flakes of snow drum down while on top of parked cars a large amount has visibly settled on top of them.  This wasn’t how it was supposed to be.

As I arrive into the restaurant the vegetable delivery man is dropping off today’s order and as he drags his trolley up the steps he slips and falls on his arse.  Mocking concern I ask him if he is all right at which point he begins to shout at me to get the vegetables off him.  He then proceeds to kick off in a pissed off fashion because as he fell down he bit his tongue in the process.  And this is my fault is it?

Slowly people filter into the office as they do so they all express surprise at the downfall.  Then The Girl phones to inform me that she has already been stuck in traffic for 40 minutes.  And this is my fault is it?

A bright note occurs as the consultant phones to inform me that he won’t be making it in today due to the elements.  This is a let off.  Unfortunately he does however proceed to pick me up on some accounts areas and stuff due to the disposal of one of our West End sites.  He is right though, I cannot argue with him but his attitude does leave a little to be desired.  He certainly is in the Mr Melchett mould.

As a result of this however it lends me breathing space to do more work on finally putting the November accounts to bed, which quite frankly should and could have been done at the start of the month.  Such is (this) life.

After a tenuous day thankfully 5.30PM comes around.  As I leave the Heavy Metal Manager announces/reveals to me that he is leaving.  It partly shocks me but he has talked of this to me before.  Oh well, I guess it was all downhill since he was accused of stealing that £20.

Tonight is another 6.20PM Norwich train journey home that sees me back in Colchester an hour later.  On the way home I pop around the olds to collect some washing.  The dog is pretty happy to see me as, I think, are my parents.

Due to parking panic at Balkerne Heights currently I cut my visit short and head home to where Liverpool v Reading in the FA Cup is on ITV.  As it plays out in the background I write and boringly Liverpool take a predictable lead.  With this I just continue to get tanked and write.

Towards the end of the game however a miracle occurs as Reading score a very dodgy penalty during injury time.  These things don’t happen for Reading.  So now with Gerrard now off the pitch another happy miracle occurs in extra time as Reading actually take the lead and eventually win the tie.  Good times.

With this I pack up for the night and head to bed happy.

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