Thursday, 28 January 2010

Thursday 28 January 2010

Tiredness victors as soon as I wake up this morning as I fall back asleep after turning the TV on.  This doesn’t happen to me often, if at all.  Then once I am finally up and running into the day I experience an extended toilet break that sees me delayed even further in leaving Bohemian Grove, even to the extent that I see The Ghost as I leave.  This is the first time I have seen him this year.  He looks well and so does his dog.  As I pass him I smile but don’t really mean it.

The drive to the station causes addition grief as the journey is hindered somewhat by a slow coach in front of me sticking to limit at 6.40AM in the morning.  Where is the mentality in that?  This is the safest time of the day to be driving.  Eventually I take great satisfaction in overtaking the car on Balkerne Hill as the lanes double up.  This however does not prove my final motor vehicle obstacle as I then get stuck behind an old school Mini Cooper at the station that does not appear able to deal with driving over speed bumps, having to stop before each hump.  This is pathetic.  Why would a person in this day and age still own a car that can rust in the rain?  A car that I could physically pick up and flip on its side all on my own.  Such things.

Away from this the remainder of my journey into town turns out to be stress free and perhaps/probably the best ride up to Liverpool Street so far this year.

Once up in London I await my tube chariot and as I stand on the platform the Bellalike turns up with her customary cup of Costa coffee and confused expression.  I wonder what her voice sounds like.

I get another boost today as while listening to Answer Me This episode #123 again they answer my question, this time about whether I should do my old work colleagues university paper.  In response Helen answers with a scowling negative while Olly picks up the ball and runs with it comparing my doing the paper with somebody outsourcing the task in the real world.  I like that mentality.

Off the back of this I bowl into work in a rather fine mood.  Things improve even further as the angry boss hands me a cup of coffee which is always a good start to any day and usually a good indicator that I am currently doing something right.

The positive momentum of the day continues as I proceed to have a damn fine one.  In addition to the good fortune already experienced the Filipino brings in some apology chocolates for apparently being mean to me yesterday.  She wasn’t mean.

After a solid morning of working on the new company accounts and making visible progress lunch arrives and today I plump for sausage, beans and mash, that most mature of dishes, because I am bored of our restricted menu now.  Oh what I would do for breadcrumbed parmesan chicken, linguini or Carbonara.  Indeed I am not the only person feeling bored as every now and then The Girl will make vocal gestures towards bringing in her own food for lunch.  Woah woah, lets not get hasty here.  I was always taught to never look a gift horse in the mouth (something to do with bad breath I believe).

Around midday I get hit with another annoying group invitation on Facebook and with this I make good on my threat to cull any such person that does so.  Today it is that Dave Hough (“Huff”) guy who just creates some fucking ridiculous group about Chilcot issuing arrest warrants, something that will never happen in a million years.  Does he not get the white collar v blue collar concept?  There are no handcuffs with white collar crimes.  Despite my annoyance I go pretty easy with my culling, I could have gone to town on such a dubious individual but instead I remain restrained and balanced.  I’m well rounded like that.

Similar to the morning the afternoon eventually runs out relatively smoothly and successfully.  All afternoon The Girl keeps half jokingly ranting at me about how selfish I apparently am.  Don’t see it myself.

Towards the end of the day the Filipino asks if I am going to Asda this weekend and if I can get her a copy of Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs on DVD for her daughter.  I’m always going to Asda.

Finally 5.30PM arrives and with it escape back to Essex.  When I get on the train I discover via Facebook that rumours are circulating of the death of JD Salinger.  Eventually this gets sadly confirmed.  Yet another artist’s passing I am finding out through social networking websites.  This just does not feel right or respectful.

Ironically on a writing note during my train ride home I receive a text message from Dave who I used to go to school with and who I posted a book to on Saturday.  The message is a good one, thanking me for the book.  I wonder if he will still possess any gratitude after actually reading any of it.

Back in Colchester I head to Asda to pick up the DVD.  As I return to my car my key no longer appears to be working.  As I begin to swear about its malfunction I suddenly realise that I am trying to get into the wrong green Focus.  Brain damage.

On the way home I stop by the olds at Balkerne Heights.  I cannot get into the visitors parking space because there is a car clamped in it.  Ironically there are cars parked all over the rest of the complex all getting in the way but none with clamps or tickets on them.  This truly is carageddon.

I step into their flat in order to grab my external hard drive.  In the process I snag some quick dinner but for fear of hanging around too long and getting clamped myself I soon head off home.

Leaving as I get to my car I discover that I have been parked in.  Immediately I sound my horn and I spot a guy in the distance delivering a pizza.  After the incident with the pizza guy a few weeks ago suddenly a person could be forgiven to think that the pizza delivery guys were suddenly after him.  Are they really out to get me?  With the sound of the horn the old man comes stomping out, ready to kick off at the pizza guy who to his credit is now getting back in his car and moving it.  I’m still suspicious.

When I get home I haul myself into a bath while also attempting to do some writing, which ultimately fails due to exhaustion, lack of sleep and lack of time and energy.

Eventually I fall asleep trying to watch comedy on TV.  It’s just not funny anymore.

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