Monday, 25 January 2010

Monday 25 January 2010

I arrive at the station this morning to discover that I have forgotten to put my watch on.  Now as a result of this act of distraction I will be lost all day.  Also it will serve to display me as the complete hypocrite that I am because I thoroughly look down and lambast people who do not wear watches, clinging to the philosophy that these people cannot be relied on or trusted, they are not functioning adults without a timepiece.  Am I being too harsh and irrational here?

The ride up to London turns out to be routine, I fail to spot or see any regular extras and before I know it the train is rolling into Liverpool Street almost on time without any drama.

Likewise as I head to the tube platform there is already a train there waiting for me and later as I change lines at Baker Street there is also a Jubilee Line train just one minute away from me.  Some days when it comes to public transport I occasionally connect the dots with perfection.  Typically though at a time when I do not have my alarm fob for the restaurant it suddenly appears that I am going to get to work quicker than ever before.

Fortunately when I arrive there are already plenty of people in and it immediately begins to look like it is going to be another busy day.

Slowly the new week begins as people gradually trawl in.  Today is the big day for the new deal as it is going through.  This Monday also comes coupled with the morning after the staff Christmas party.

As with any big deal there is a tense atmosphere in the air, one that transmits itself right through our office as our level appears to collectively hold its breath.

A slight moment of drama occurs when the Brazilian/Mexican/Albanian chef of rude temperament kicks off at the lowest level.  Last week he tried to sneak 50 hours through on the timesheet.  Obviously it immediately set off alarm bells but everyone was approving it and telling us not to ask any questions.  In the end after some discussion with the operations manager we split the difference and approved 25 hours to go through.  Now on Friday night this incident came up in discussion with the Heavy Metal Manager at the pub at which point he told me that these were hours from outstanding holiday that the chef was cashing in before the deadline of March swallows them up.  Now if only we had been told that this was the case from the start.  I however react at the pub by criticising the chef for being stupid because he caught being greedy, getting quite vocal about the subject.  It would then turn out that the Heavy Metal Manager promptly went complaining to the chef on Saturday about my comments so now the chef is saying that “somebody upstairs said something to him.”  My big mouth, it will always get me into trouble.  The Girl brushes it off, saying it will be all right but adds about the Heavy Metal Manager “that he is a shit stirrer” at which point she reminds us of firework night and the trouble he caused then as I remember his actions with the roller derby myself.  Perhaps his leaving will not be such a bad thing after all.

As a result of this when lunch comes around today I feel a bit sheepish when I head down to collect our food from said chef.  Thankfully he says nothing.  Whether he has done anything to my food is another question.

The afternoon eventually plays out with me making a few adjustments on the accounts but not really doing anything on a grand scale.  These feel like barren times.

Eventually home time comes around and when I get to Liverpool Street this evening I find myself faced with the sight of a hunk of extras all gawping up at the notice board of times with a distinct lack of optimism on their faces and expressions.

In actuality a (delayed) train soon turns up but as almost everyone heads over to board it promptly it becomes the wanker train, one to be avoided.

Seemingly against the elements I manage to board my usual 6.20PM Norwich train which unsurprisingly leaves Liverpool Street late which all equates to its eventual arrival into Colchester also being late.

Once back in Colchester I promptly fly home to begin finishing off Nicole’s paper.  I only get so far with the thing before petering out.

Soon I am in bed.

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