Friday, 1 January 2010

Friday 1 January 2010 – NEW YEARS DAY

A new year and time to grow up.

I stroll into 2010 at around 7.45AM after awaking around 4AM with my television still on.  For a second day running I come complete with a slight headache and potential ruining factor towards proceedings.

I decide to begin my year in slow fashion by watching Sleeper by Woody Allen.  It would appear that I am trying to regain some kind of standing/footing that I had a few years ago when things felt better, I felt less permanently tired and through watching old Woody Allen movies for the first time I was infinitely more witty (albeit in an unoriginal style).  Sleeper really holds up well riding the fine line between slapstick and serious being one of his “earlier funny films.”

Once up and running I begin writing and manage to catch up on my Facebook Cull blog, it’s going to get difficult soon.

Outside it is a truly beautiful sunny day that greets the New Year.  This is hopefully what 2010 is going to be about.

Unfortunately I am beginning the year with another headache so soon I find myself heading back to bed and resorting to watching TV where The Sword And The Stone is playing which serves to remind me of the early days with Bella where/when we hired out all the Disney cartoon movies from Blockbuster and watched them together in what sadly now history and memory registers as some of my happiest times.  Bella however I suspect no longer pays them any mind, if she evens remembers them at all.

In the end I treat the day leisurely, there’s no rush to 2010 yet.  Gradually and thankfully my bad head soon goes and I manage to resume some degree of writing.

Around 4.30PM I head to my parents in the hope of scamming some lunch.  Mission accomplished.

Off the back of Christmas Day’s murder episode of Eastenders, tonight is the ethnic gay wedding poser episode.  It’s all very dramatic and I really should feel disgusted in myself for getting suckered into it as much as my mother has been.  In the end it is all too predictable with one dislikeable character feeding off lines from another dislikeable character.  I’m sure I used to have life when it came to Friday nights.

I stick around my parents until the final episode of Gavin And Stacey.  We all know how we want this show to end but it looks like the powers that be will be fucked if they’re going to allow things to go that well, it is all so bloody-minded.

Eventually I head back home around 10PM realizing that I have wasted the first day of 2010.  In the end I fall asleep with The Big Fat Quiz with Jimmy Carr playing out in the background.  I need more life than this.

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