Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Wednesday 7 October 2009

Another day of parking at the train station and it rocks once more as again I get an early train without any effort. Arriving at the station I am over ten minutes premature so I snag the 7.51 train. This parking at the station lark is a breeze.

I’m having a strangely disorienting week, which wasn’t expected. Also I drop my iPhone on the floor again, lucky that it is already cracked.

It turns out to be another good day of sinking my teeth into the September accounts. In the afternoon The Girl is asking me what my postcode is so that she can put it into Google Maps in order to find the nearest Tesco in order for me to buy the office cakes on my way into work tomorrow.

The highlight of the day is spotting Starsky or Hutch (David Soul) eating in the restaurant. The guy still looks fantastic for his age and comes with an air of being a totally cool guy.

At the close of proceedings I end up catching the 6.22PM train to Clacton as the 6.20PM Norwich train gets cancelled for no disclosed reason. For the third night running there is something up with the train home. This is annoying.

On the train tonight is the Chinese version of my aunt Christine. She pulls the same facial expressions and takes up more than her entitlement of the seat.

When I get back to Colchester suddenly it occurs to me how scarily aggressive I am as I drive home from the station. It is also noticeable how out of practice I am of driving in the rain and traffic I am, not least when I sharply skid.

Tonight The Slits are playing the Colchester Arts Centre but nobody seems/appears into it so instead I head straight home with view to doing some writing.

On television is The Pride Of Britain Awards. I don’t want to get cynical about these things but it is fucking impossible. I’ll hold my tongue before I sound like a complete arsehole. Elsewhere on TV Generation Kill begins on Channel Four and I truly want to catch this series but I’m just too tired stay awake.


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