Saturday, 10 October 2009

Saturday 10 October 2009

Dream: my parents are for some reason living in a terrace house and I am back living at home with them. Additionally they have a spare room which they decide to rent out to my American Friend which obviously gives birth to an awkward situation for me but it would not appear for her. The Teeth makes a fleeting appearance as generally the reality of her not giving a damn about me hits harder than ever and serves to upset and depress me. We exchange words but they are cold.

As a result this dream manages to depress me for the day.

I get up and do Asda and the Saturday newspaper run. As I go through the self-service checkout I almost get into an argument with one of the hired chimps when she asks me if I want the coat hanger to the jumper I am buying. It doesn’t bother me either way but her rummaging through my shopping and the question being stupid just makes me stroppy.

Swiftly I get back to the flat in for 9AM and the start of the Danny Baker radio show. This week I return to bed and watch the show on the red button on Freeview. His guest this week is Robbie Savage who comes over surprisingly well.

After the show the red button comes through once again as it shows a friendly between Japan and Scotland, which in earnest is a fixture beyond pointless. Eventually Japan score two goals in the last ten minutes and win 2-0.

Next the red button is also showing the Wales game but I opt for writing in preference having already been driven to boredom by football. Then beyond that I spend the remainder of the day pottering around the flat.

As ever I endeavour to write but it is only to limited returns.

This afternoon is the most beautiful afternoon and I want to be out, outside taking in freezing rays. As I always boringly say, Autumn is the best time of the year.

Millwall draw 1-1 at Swindon today. It’s a so so result because Swindon are always capable of providing a banana skin. At least it wasn’t a loss.

Into the evening things fail to pick as a flat day remains so. Inevitably I wind up in bed watching TV on a Saturday night where I mong across the second part of the Ghandi documentary (because I fancy the presenter) and onto the Have I Got News For You repeat.

I pass out.

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