Friday, 2 October 2009

Friday 2 October 2009

Long before my alarm clock sounds this morning I find myself already wide awake with an eye bleeding headache/migraine. Again I suspect this comes from taking Alli before bedtime. Did I run into slumber dehydrated?

Today I feel stressed for some reason but I just cannot pinpoint or fathom why. Abandonment issues?

Eventually my alarm buzzes and I begin to murmur hoping to power through and shake this headache off using the method of continuing as normal/usual. That’s the spirit.

When I leave the house it is pretty freezing, I still need to get/buy a new coat.

Despite all this hubbub I manage to get to the station for 6.51AM – an undisputed new personal record for me. With this I decide to catch the 6.59AM train for a change and gain an earlier start. This train is better, it cuts out Marks Tey and Kelvedon and powers through to London at a much quicker pace (or so it feels).

When I get to work I end up having a good day. In the process I get a lot accomplished and subsequently gain a very good start on the September accounts.

By the time 5PM comes around I am ready for the weekend. Once out of the restaurant I rush to the trains and manage to get the 5.50PM Norwich, avoiding the 6PM Sarah train in the process. No need for blushes.

On the train home I come to the conclusion that I would like the break the snout of the crooked nose cunt talking very loudly on his phone on the train but I am sure this would be frowned upon.

Back at Colchester I briefly pop into my parents’ place at Balkerne Heights for a quick hello and a bite. Bobby is bouncing and as ever happy to see me.

Once done there I head home for a Friday night of writing.

Watching Friday night TV it occurs to me that the Derren Brown show is like Top Gear for gullible people. What’s the deal with him being surrounded by a studio audience? Have they been placed there supposedly with the intention of pointing out anything being untoward? Those yes men (and women) wouldn’t say anyway.

Towards the end of the evening I finish another chapter of the first draft of Gestures And Expressions. This is truly satisfying and exciting to think that I am now approaching the end of this nightmare.

Eventually I head to bed where Channel Four is flexing its comedy muscles with Peep Show, IT Crowd and Inbetweeners. Win win win. Also tonight in the early hours is The Ice Storm which I would dearly like to see but its just on too late for me.


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