Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Wednesday 21 October 2009

This is a truly miserable morning. The rain is oppressive.

I feel depressed today. Its genuine and crippling.

The train pulls into Liverpool Street at 8.08AM. Late.

On the tube between Baker Street and St Johns Wood I see the Azmei lookalike thus compounding my misery.

Cheer up!

As I walk to work I begin to hit some kind of striding conclusion of how I should really have outgrown all my ideas and actions by now. Its not that they’re immature but they really should not be high priority. New agenda.

Thankfully and fortunately I snap out of my funk when people arrive at work and I have people to tell me to stop being soppy.

Today is our boss’s birthday and unlike last year we remember to him a gift and a card this year. It is very well received and we score serious points.

The day continues the flat motif of the week. I have a slightly dulling headache and I still feel tired from last night. Loser.

In the end I scrape through the day failing to accomplish what I had wanted to but at least this is not being chased up.

It is quiet when our boss leaves early at 4PM for a birthday meal and he tells us we can leave early at 5PM.

Unfortunately the best laid plans go to pot when just before 5PM one of our lawyers (from Glasgow) calls to say that he has left his laptop power supply lead behind in our office and can we courier it up to him for tomorrow morning. We go through TNT and it turns into a minor fucking drama. In the real world it would be cheaper for him just to buy a new lead.

As she answered the phone to him unfortunately The Girl gets lumbered with all the hassle of trying to arrange the pick up and deliver of the lead and when it turns out the depot is in North Acton that constitutes quite the detour for her, hopping on and off the Westway. When I look up the location of the depot online it is not too far from North Acton tube station that is on the Central Line so I offer to take it instead of her.

When I finally get to North Acton it takes me a little while to find TNT as the whole area just looks like one big industrial estate. Eventually I find the depot just before 6.30PM and once past the friendly security guy I am forced to endure the humiliation of wearing an orange hi-vis vest. I must look like the fucking Tango Man as the thing barely fits me. Once up in the office the people that deal with me aren’t overly polite but they are efficient and attractive in a rough working class way. The Asian girl that deals with me would eat me alive.

Once done I head back East taking in more of the Central Line than I have ever experienced before in my life. Around Central London some black guy sits in the seat next to my left with his right hand perched on the seat, next to my trouser pocket, the pocket with my £4600 Travelcard, the most expensive thing I own. I begin to get paranoid and move my hand next to his. Briefly I turn my head to look at him before realising I can watch him in the reflection of the carriage window. This turns out to be one of the weirdest things I ever experience and get into on a tube. Luckily he gets off at Holborn with the contents of my pocket remaining intact. Did he just do all that on purpose to freak me out? Does this make me racist?

Eventually I get back to Liverpool Street just after 7PM and catch the rammed 7.08PM train to Clacton, always a joy full of glueheads and tourists mingling with tipsy and pissed up office types.

When I get back to Colchester I find myself paranoid that my car might be dinked (keyed) in response to yesterday’s actions. Thankfully and thoughtfully it is not.

On the way home I pop into Asda because I have run out of milk. In the end I wind up doing almost a proper shop that costs over £20 although this does include the purchase of both seasons of The Inbetweeners for £10. Bargain.

Tonight I watch the latest episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, which this week turns out to be bellyachingly funny. Hats off for keeping it up. I thought I was the only person that puts descriptions of people next to their numbers in my phone. That said I don’t have any people in my phone in a wheelchair (unlike Larry).

Beyond this with Chelsea playing Athletico Madrid on TV I eventually give up on the evening.

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