Sunday, 9 August 2009

Sunday 9 August 2009

It is another incredibly warm morning. As a result I do not feel the desire to get out of bed. It is Sunday after all, what is there to do on a Sunday anyway? The Christians have already managed to squeeze any potential fun out of the day by traditionally declaring the day can only be open/functional by six hours.

Instead I decide to stay in bed where I watch my Bang Bang, It’s Reeves And Mortimer DVD. This was an amazing series, it featured the nightclub comedy before Phoenix Nights happened and had the Tom Fun and Derek characters that were stupid to the max. I find myself laughing out loud more than I was expecting to so its not a bad Sunday after all.

Once I have finished watching all six episodes of the series back-to-back (to think we once watched them weekly with anticipation) I get behind the keyboard and endeavour to do some writing. It happens but to a limited degree.

Around lunchtime Big Brother Little Brother is on TV and it is shocking to see Brix Smith on there. She really has experienced a rebirth this year off the back of a Gok Wan endorsement. I never had him down as a fan of The Fall.

As per routine I head over to the olds for Sunday lunch and the Charity Shield on Sky. I have to say the prospect of Manchester United vs Chelsea does not fill me with too much excitement. Watching the game it doesn’t appear like either Manchester United or Chelsea can really be arsed either. When Nani scores relatively early it looks like a good season lies ahead for United but slowly/gradually Chelsea come back into the game and almost win it except that Rooney snags an injury time goal, as is the Manchester United way. When the game eventually goes to penalties Manchester United completely and utterly choke, embarrassing themselves as they go down 4-1. They should feel shame.

Afterwards while channel hoping I come across Brewster’s Millions on Channel Four. This movie is fantastic and definitely holds up. Richard Pryor is without fail amazing and coupled with the gone too soon John Candy it all makes for a great example of what was something of a golden age of comedy after Saturday Night Live appeared to inspire a whole genre of fresh new comedy films in the first half of the eighties.

The evening’s Simpsons are all Moe themed episodes which is always a gnarly experience for me as I feel more by the year I am closer to resembling Moe than ever. He is the world’s cutest sociopath and he can’t help it. Apparently he’s based on Rich Hall but no he is most like me.

Eventually I head home to my summer Sunday evening of attempting a bit more writing before beginning the working week. This possesses a limit degree of success.

Beyond that I run a bath, hop in and out before catching the latest Louis Theroux documentary where this time he is following around people involved in a Crystal Meth epidemic in California. As ever his non-judgemental drip persona allows him to step into their homes with ease and gain enough footage of him giving them rope to hang themselves with. It is a far better episode than that nonce prison was.

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