Friday, 28 August 2009

Friday 28 August 2009

Has the world changed or have I?

It is with a sense of victory and mild euphoria that I reach today. Mission accomplished on the four gigs in four nights and now for my body it is all downhill from here as I sense that today it is going to make me pay. Surprisingly however as the week has continued I have found myself feeling less and less shattered. Tuesday was the lowpoint and ever since it has just felt like a nuisance rather than full on fatigue.

I wake up this morning beginning to question whether last night was real. Today I am tired and emotional and that can’t be good for anybody within the vicinity.

Again I find myself leaving the house slightly earlier and as a result get to North Station by 6.53AM, far too early by any stretch of the imagination. This does however mean I manage to get “my seat” on the train as I pray for sleep and for every other passenger/commuter to just leave me alone.

Eventually the train pulls into Liverpool Street at 8.04AM. No comment.

As I pass through the station to get to my tube platform today I honoured with the sight of Chinese OCD Man rifling through The Metro newspaper stands furiously straightening and restacking the rags. His face looks reader than ever as today it would appear he has more copies to deal with than usual. I wonder what he would be doing if he didn’t have this job/task at hand. Does he visit every station on the Central Line? Is he just passing on his way to his real job? Is he one of these people that lost their job in the recession but still leaves the house every day to go to a pretend job and in order to spend his time he now folds and stacks newspapers. Or, as I expect, is he just like Monk and Rain Man and cannot bear the thought of people causing an untidy scene, which begs the question: does he really have OCD or is he autistic? One day I will have to approach him and ask but first let me put on safety goggles and a thick vest.

Generally seeing Chinese OCD Man is a good omen for the day ahead, unlike spotting the seemingly evil Baker Street Midget.

When I eventually get through the tubes and into work almost immediately with a long distance end in sight I find myself clockwatching dying to reach the three day weekend ahead and get/gain some sleep and rest.

Today I find myself caught up in the midst of some kind of nostalgia for My So-Called Life. It happens when I find myself pining for the 90s as I read over the tracklisting for the soundtrack album. All those grunge lite alternative rock gems including even Daniel Johnston. We didn’t realise how good we had it. As I share my emotions on Facebook numerous girls hit me in response proclaiming their affection for the show also. I need to grow up.

The day is generally hassle free as the bosses appear to be locked in meetings for the majority of it, which takes the heat off me (us) until the afternoon when suddenly in a flap/panic my boss asks me to send over the July accounts to the consultant, who thankfully has been relatively mute of late.

Eventually I appease everyone and by home time at 5PM everyone is relatively happy and I am relieved to being putting my week of gigs to bed.

On the train home I listen to the Buffalo 66 soundtrack and find myself as ever being blown away by “Heart Of The Sunrise” by Yes. I find it so fucked up that my old employer was ever associated with this band. It was amusing how I once suggested to the financial controller that our boss should work with Vincent Gallo off the back of his apparent affection for prog rock and Yes. I wasn’t quite laughed out of the office but I suspect it was close.

The train home tonight is incredibly annoying. From onwards I want laughing, talking and children banned from peak time commuter trains.

When I eventually get home (via my parents) it is with a literal sigh of relief. My week ends as I fall asleep to the sound of Big Brother and the big eviction battle of Marcus vs Siavash which Wolverine sadly loses thus ending any chance of Big Brother having a good winner this year.

I wish there was more to my Friday nights.

Please don’t get depressed this weekend.
Please don’t get depressed this weekend.

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