Saturday, 29 August 2009

Saturday 29 August 2009

Dream: it is my birthday and I get to take all my friends to a posh restaurant in London paid for by one of my bosses. When we arrive at the restaurant we are led to a large table through what appears to be a glass airport terminal. The meal is being hosted by Jonathan Ross and Alec Baldwin (in his 30 Rock character). As we walk to the table one of Jonathan Ross’s daughters is with us and I tell her how cool her dad is. It’s a fun meal but we have it made clear to us that we should not overstay our welcome or talk to our celebrity hosts too much. The sad truth is that this birthday celebration is likely to be far better than last week’s.

Thank God that I do not have to get out of bed today. However with that in mind I do still have to do the weekly Asda run which I eventually plod out of bed to perform with only the minimum of enthusiasm. There are no treats to be had here at this time, I just have to buy a little extra in order to successfully get through the three day weekend.

When I get back to Bohemian Grove I tear into some writing, hoping for it to the be the first third of a productive weekend of writing. As ever I plan too much and fail to meet such targets and standards, instead finding myself getting frustrated at my slow progression. I have reached the stage now where I want to move back to at least trying to write a second book, be it finishing off the first draft of Gestures or moving onto something else, maybe even 31 Baker Street.

Midway through the morning Mark, after being quiet all week, texts to let me know that he is on his way back to Colchester and is up for hanging out when it is convenient.

As the day slips away, originally I had been intending to put a cheque into my bank account towards my Travelcard renewal. This however proves too much of a pipedream as the bank’s closing time of 4PM suddenly arrives with the day having gotten away from me. What have I been doing with my Saturday?

Late in the afternoon I head over to the olds’ at Balkerne Heights arriving around 5PM just in time for Manchester United v Arsenal. The game is far from a classic but at least Manchester United come from behind to win as Diaby puts through his own net for Arsenal lining up a 2-1 win for the Mancs.

With the sun still out I text Mark to see if he is up for some 7ish drinks but he responds telling me how he is otherwise engaged with family matters. It was a bit short notice anyway.

Later when I head home unfortunately it is too late to do any more writing and ultimately the day ends on a flat note feeling like something of a waste and a failure.

Once home from here I settle into a weak Saturday night of watching so so TV before inevitably passing out probably some time between Shooting Stars and Final Destination 3.


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