Sunday, 2 August 2009

Sunday 2 August 2009

Bit of a headache this morning. My tooth still hurts, which obviously I fucking hate.

Exhausted I begin the day by finished off watching season two of Entourage with four episodes back-to-back. I cannot speak highly enough of this show, more fool me for dismissing it for so long. It’s like the cast of Stand By Me grew up and opened up shop in Hollywood, its real buddy TV stuff.

Around 10AM just as I am getting ready to walk to my parents to collect my car mum phones and asks me if I want dad to come and pick me up. Pretty ideal.

When he arrives everyone is in high spirits. The wedding sounds as if it were a universal success and I begin to regret leaving so early but truly I felt rough, some of which has passed through into today. It was great to have a family do after so many years. I think I was on form and charming (except for the final hour).

The dog is really happy to see me when I step through the door, jumping higher than usual with a more rabid dog smile than ordinary.

Not long afterwards I am leaving and driving to Asda to do my weekly grocery shop, delayed one day because of the wedding. Sunday is just as bland as Saturday to do the deed and this week my treat in amongst buying cereal, newspapers and energy drinks is to find/discover Singles on DVD for £2.

When I get home I tear into some writing, especially off the back of having not been able to do any yesterday which now means it is caked in some kind of guilt.

I feel in love today. I feel relaxed and looking out of the window this evening the day is ending perfectly and the sun is lighting the world ideally.

Around lunchtime Big Brother Little Brother comes on along with Noirin actually aloof to her actions and adamant that she did not do a single thing wrong in the house despite being the house prick tease. It is great when Grace Dent from The Guardian makes some really harsh comments directed towards her about not taking any ownership for her actions. Later her Yank boyfriend comes out to join her and when he swears I feel like complaining to Channel Four about it, not because it offends me just because I hate those two odious creatures. This guy has plainly been through the reality TV mill as all his answers come over as well rehearsed and well delivered and it is noticeable how he talks towards the audience and not to the idiot George Lamb as if they were at least attempting to pretend it is some kind of natural conversation. This guy is USA all over, all surface and no substance, flattering to deceive and fake/false all over.

In the afternoon I get back to doing some writing to as ever varying degrees of success.

Today there is a feeling and sense of freedom attached to not feeling obliged to head to my parents for Sunday lunch at 3PM and being able to break away from my routine.

Outside the day is pretty good and I bask in the sight of summer and the glow that comes with it.

In the evening I sit down to watching my Help DVD and watch four episodes back to back and feel like kicking Chris Langham for what is now the waste of what was a true talent. Its scary how Mr Melchett reminds me of him and vice versa.

Eventually proceedings transfer into a trademark summer Sunday night and the most beautiful of evenings. To this is what I fall asleep to.

August is going to be a very good month.

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