Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Wednesday 13 May 2009

Today I awaken with a bump. It’s all about the flu (swine?). Luckily however my back is holding up in the face of feeling dismantled.

Just before leaving the flat this morning the missing flashdrive turns up, which is a huge relief and weight off my mind.

Outside the air smells bad today. It is not quite sulphur but it gives off a similar kind of effect.

Leaving the flat and on the drive to the station yet again some twat poodles along the road, driving slowly barely doing 30 mph, even occasionally slipping under the limit. What on earth is the mentality of a person acting like a Sunday driver on the cusp of rush hour? I can only pray that one day my own existence will be so insignificant that I am able to takes things so easy to this degree.

Still somehow I manage to catch the train albeit on the verge of being late and missing thanks to the efforts of the nightrider above.

In The Metro newspaper Roxana Saberi is again pictured in the paper today – my god she is hot. What did she do again?

As I type this on my iPhone I sense then notice a guy in square glasses staring at me. He is a Golden Boy clone from Butt Road. Is it him? That would be quite some makeover. Nah, here is just another PC thug pressing the right buttons with the right people while getting a browned nose in the process.

The swine flu has calmed down today; every ailment is now in its place albeit in smaller quantities, which do feel as if they have multiplied – my nose is still running and I feel clammy. Also appear unable to string a sentence together on the subject, god help me if I have to visit my GP (Dr Banner!).

Eventually the train gets into Liverpool Street at 8.04. L to the A to the T to the E.

On the tube there are some annoying kids. They’re annoying for no real (rational) reason they are just annoying. Sit in silence you fucks.

At Kings Cross I see Susan Boyle. Then another one. And another one and suddenly it becomes apparent that she is the new Being John Malkovich. She truly is every woman.

I stagger into work hoping to make up for the nonday that was yesterday in order to make up some ground on work. Soon however the auditors are again on my arse with queries and the plummet begins.

Emailing Racton suggests going to see the Akron Family at the ICA – thankfully ATP did not destroy our friendship as feared.

After the early bout of optimism as the day goes on the flu begins to wreck and break me.

In the afternoon the new menus come in from the printers in their thousands, just as it is pointed out that they have not been proof read and a misspelling howler screams out as mediterranean is spelt with two Ts appearing as “meditterranean” – heads could roll, heads should roll. I think I know who is responsible but I keep that knowledge hushed.

That said it is a new menu though which means new options for lunchtime including what sounds like a tasty new soy wok fried vegetables dish.

The day feels never ending and at the climax I find myself getting held up leaving. When I finally get my escape my boss foists a drink on me at the bar and we wind up shooting the shit for a session that ultimately sees me getting away at 6.50 somewhat more tipsy and wobbly than originally intended. This however is not before the bar staff inform/tell me that I’m always depressed. Really? I thought I hid it well, didn’t let it show. Despite this though I still get invited to bowling with them in Holborn next Monday – high five, my shoestring social life remains dangling and alive.

This evening I end up catching the 7.30 train to Norwich. As I sit next to some grumpy dude every time I cough he stares at me with annoyance. Actually I hope I have swine flu just so that I can give it to him. By the end of the journey he is spluttering too. Mission accomplished?

Tonight on The Apprentice Mona is made history, which is a good thing because her voice/accent annoyed me to infuriation. Not that I watch the episode, I have better things to do. I think.

I need a girlfriend to remind me of things.

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