Sunday, 3 May 2009

Sunday 3 May 2009

This morning I wake up at 7.45 after several fun dreams but none of which I can really recall. I do however remember being able to manipulate them.

It would appear that it was another night spent with the TV left on and one warm enough that meant I was never required to get under my duvet as I emerge atop of my sheets.

I awaken to the news that Manny Pacquiao has taken Ricky Hatton to school.

Early this morning I come to the conclusion that I am too obedient for my own good. You tell me “no” and not to do something and I will stop. This I believe holds me back.

With the day still young and feeling fresh I continue my exploits of ploughing through all the Mumblecore movies by putting on Kissing On The Mouth. For a second mumblecore movie running a big thing is made out of DIY haircuts. This movie really does try too hard containing too many arty sex scenes featuring unattractive slackers in unappealing positions. Bad timing occurs as a particularly explicit scene of a guy wanking in the shower coincidences with my eating a bowl of cereal. It is a real rarity that I find myself put off my food. Nobody wants to see that in a movie. I really don’t like this movie very much, the characters in it are not likeable and harp on like drones as if they are so fucking important in the grand scheme of things when really they just sound pretentious. They remind me of far too many people I have encountered in recent years. In the end it plays out like a super lo-fi version of Sex, Lies And Videotape devoid of any of the eroticism.

With the morning only at 9.25 the sun appears to be starting to retract already.

I have no energy today. Rather than doing anything productive (writing) instead I end up watching an old episode of Saturday Night Live, which at least amuses me.

In the end feeling flat and feeling fat I wind up back on my bed watching my BAADASSSS! DVD. In the process I fall asleep once and when I awake I have to resume the movie from the estimated cut off point. The movie is great but frustratingly a bit too slick. There is no doubt that the exploitation genre has an amazing story to it but despite the fact Mario Van Peebles was involved in it you can’t help but think the story could be done better. That said I never knew until now how involved Bill Cosby was the genre, assisting with funding and generally being a presence. I have to admit when he appeared in the movie it was genuinely thrilling to see the guy, especially as I had always considered him so/too mainstream and middle of the road to have moved in these circles. It would seem I was very wrong.

After this I then fall asleep again and when I awaken roughly an hour later I am late for heading to the olds for Sunday lunch/dinner. Arriving a quarter of an hour late mum actually guesses where and how I fucked up.

Not long beyond arriving at the olds I am suddenly being told how somebody apparently set fire to their window ledge flower box. I really do worry sometimes about what is going on with the Balkerne Heights complex sometimes, all the comedic bad business with that guy Terry Sutton who is some kind of local politician it seems, enough to have his own Wikipedia page (which is the sign of having made it these days). What is going to happen to/with my inheritance.

On Sky is the football is showing but it is very boring. Despite this I stick around the olds for watch The Simpsons before heading home.

In the evening when I get home I manage to do some writing before putting this Sunday out of its misery.

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