Saturday, 23 May 2009

Saturday 23 May 2009

It is a beautiful day. I do not think the skies could possibly be any more blue or the sun any more comfortably brighter. Sat at my desk looking out of the window the huge trees are in full bloom glistening against the glow of the sky behind it. I can see squirrels running around on the branches and a couple of times a bird flies and bumps into my window. All is well in this best of all possible worlds.

The 8AM hour is perhaps my most favourite. Ordinarily at this time I will find myself on public transport lost to a world of commution. Not today however, today is a rare treat for me, a break – this is my weekend.

My day begins with watching an episode of The Power Of Nightmares by Adam Curtis. I am not quite sure how this is supposed to improve and uplift my day but certainly I feel it serves to enhance from a knowledge perspective. Actually with this three episode documentary the guy really does lay out the basis of recent history and the modern world pitting the corresponding American Neocons (such as Mindy) against the Fundamental Islamists and highlighting how both sets of ruling bodies are attempting to ruin the world for everybody right now. This documentary was made in 2004 and I remember watching it when it was first broadcast and how it blew my mind back then. Five years on and the world does feel a much changed place, the voices at the top seem more quiet and the ruins are now more subtle. Islam once more no longer appears to possess the threat that it once did as a kind of leftist thinking of world commentators currently concentrates on the economic and financial woes in and brought on by the West. Adam Curtis should really do a series on the current financial climate and apparent imminent collapse of capitalism. His recent piece on “Oh Dear-ism In The Media” on Newswipe was magnificent.

Soon the Saturday routine begins as I make a stop off at the train station to get a replacement ticket for the one that stopped working last night (cheap tat). Its relatively painless as I look for the train schedules for the weekend unable to find them but still knowing that the services are decimated.

I do the Asda thing and slump one step closer to being single forever.

On cue I am back home by 10AM with the day still my oyster. Yeah, right. After another week of commute work commute I find myself exhausted and before the end of Jonathan Ross’s radio show I am back in bed snoring.

When I wake and shake off the feeling I find myself only ending up and watching an episode of The Power Of Nightmares before heading back to another nap and after wasting the morning I appear to be well on the way to wasting the afternoon.

At 5PM I finally pull my finger and text Mark about meeting up and we wind up meeting up for drinks at the Hole. It is a beautiful day and finally I feel as if I am making some kind of gesture towards not wasting my life away. Mark still sounds up to his neck in work and inevitably conversation ends up addressing indie music past and present. There is nobody else sat in the beer garden and so as a result there is nobody else about to ruin the day.

Three hours later I end up at the olds’ watching Britain’s Got Talent. Basically I go from Mark Boyle to Susan Boyle in one swift (and foul) move. I feel disgusted and ashamed with myself to admit that I find myself getting suckered in by the show, I can completely see how this show (and its ilk) prevents people from blowing their brains out.

When I eventually get home in the evening the only other TV option is the repeat of Have It Got News For You featuring Reginald D. Hunter yet again. This guy slays every time he appears on the show, he is amazing.

Afterwards the BBC2 night ends with Donnie Darko. Over the years I have purchased this DVD four times and still to this date I have never seen it the whole way through. As ever tonight it sends me to sleep before the end but long after I have since lost interest in proceedings.

When I awaken briefly with the TV still running it has long since gone. Bye.

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