Monday, 25 May 2009

Monday 25 May 2009

Arrival is at 8AM this morning. With it I wake up feeling exhausted, yesterday has slowly crept up on me.

On TV I catch GMTV as it is business as usual in the real world. These guys come rain or shine work to produce their certain definite brand of dumbed down news cake in celebrity news. Behind those fake fucking smiles plastered on those morons’ faces is pure agony.

My song of the moment is the new Empire Of The Sun single “We Are The People.” Currently this song haunts me, helps me feel young and makes me feel the summer. Words can only fail me.

I feel VERY low today; the Brazilian comments still resonate in my head. Wow, still affected by an overpaid Mexican (Brazilian, its all the same) that flips burgers for a living in a glorified manner. Get over it Jase.

It would appear that I keep losing money as when I check my pockets from yesterday I appear to be £10 down. This is the second time this has happened recently. I am being pickpocketed or as money loses value for both me and the economy am I becoming worrying carefree in a manner quite out of character.

Today arrives DOA. It is hot, uncomfortable and sticky and this is inside my flat. The idea/concept of leaving the house and going into this heat does not seem a good idea to me. With my energy levels very low and feeling uninspired/uninterested in writing I grab one of my dozens of unopened DVDs and attempt to watch The Adventures Of Barry Mckenzie.

The Adventures Of Barry Mckenzie is one of the movies that was earmarked and highlighted in the Not Quite Hollywood documentary. It would appear that the seventies Australian movie industry mirrored the British one with weird sex comedies that verged on softcore porn. The Adventures Of Barry Mckenzie features an Aussie Rube coming to England (Earls Court) off the back of some kind of inheritance in an attempt to gain some cultural experience. As ever with the plot of an innocent abroad story he wins the day without really realising. Apparently the character was based on an old Private Eye strip and with it one of the real sources of interest for the film is the appearance from Peter Cook. Ultimately however the movie just ends up being one step up on the Confessions films with little depth and Peter Cook’s brief appearance towards the end doesn’t really serve to enhance either his legacy or the quality of the movie.

Perhaps I am looking in the wrong place for the real movie highlight of the day as ITV3 today chooses to show all three On The Buses movies back to back which cannot ease the pain either. OK, I have to admit now that even I am bored of championing these movies in a postmodern sense.

Today is a day of major writers block. When my latest efforts to scribble any words down fail I head back to the DVD collection and attempt once more to watch the Alan Moore documentary. I tried to watch this earlier this year on a dull, rainy Saturday afternoon and it only served to depress me extremely and even if that is not that reaction to it today, it still fails to thrill and enthral. Perhaps the documentary should have had less about him and more about his work in it.

At 5PM I pretty much throw in the towel and head to the olds’. When I arrive the dog is at least happy to see me suggesting that they have not been paying him much attention today. Despite this he still seems to take a lot of joy in biting me. This visit however is only fleeting.

In the evening back home I feel sick of Facebook suggesting a guy called Mark Marshall as a friend that I make comment to this extent on my status update which appears to strike many nerves with many people on the website, a lot of whom went to school with the person also.

Bored I begin watching Green Street 2. Yes I am an idiot. The most depressing aspect/spectacle is Marina Sirtis doing her best impression of Ilsa The She Wolf. Everything that made her great as Troi on Star Trek has suddenly been drained from her in old age and this includes her acting technique, which is now so far from convincing it, is embarrassing to watch.

On that note I pause the movie 40 minutes in and being watching some documentary on BBC2 called Going Postal about kids in America taking shotguns to school and shooting classmates. Didn’t Michael Moore cover this with a documentary already? That said at the moment we were armed in this country I could definitely have imagined a few people that Facebook are suggesting to me as friends performing such acts at my high school (secondary school). It’s a sick world when you’re a kid. The documentary is really poor and soon I am asleep.

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