Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Tuesday 10 March 2009

After a weird lucid dream this morning things take something of a cohesive route when I find myself in the bargain basement at the Notting Hill Music Exchange. Down there I appear to be browsing (and failing) for bargains when another short, red haired (bob) girl, similar to the one in my dream the other day, gets in my way doing her job of placing records on the shelves for sale. The release that stands out is a Beck tour promo of “Odelay” shaped like an oval ashtray, it’s tacky but it gets us chatting. The girl reminds me a bit of a kitschy Asian girl I used to pass occasionally on Portobello Road when walking to Sarm. Also you know who does the Beck tour accounts, so I wonder if that has any relevance…….

I wake up horny. Not in a bad way, just a Mr Happy way.

Today I change my footwear back to the crappy Fila trainers in an effort to ease my left foot pain. To a small extent it works, to a large extent it doesn’t.

It is drizzly this morning and I find myself following a chunky legged girl whilst walking to the station from parking my car at the parents’. She walks to the station with her umbrella up even though it stopped raining ten minutes earlier – who the fuck does she think she is: Mary Poppins or Rihanna or something?

After a relatively painless train ride into town, depression hits me while on the tube. There is no real reason for it; it is just where my thought process takes me. I could reel off a long list of things that currently depress but I don’t think I could apply any of them to the feeling this morning.

Things pick up when I arrive at work to be given a coffee for being first in. The good effects of this are then contra by The Girl in the office phoning me to tell me she has overslept and is going to be late, which gets up my nose and is bound to get RIGHT up the nose of my (our) boss.

In the afternoon I email my friend in Holland Park to see if she will have sex with me in a burkha.

By the close of play the day represents one of those hard working days where I don’t quite meet/reach my goals. Despite not reaching the targets, when it is time to leave my boss is out so I don’t stay behind late to finish them. A fresh approach in the morning will probably be ten times as productive.

After a few hiccups on the tube I still manage to catch the 6.20 to Norwich which is a relief as I really want to get home. During the journey Chris texts to see if I will still do him a reference for some Nottingham housing association or something. I already said I would and so I urge him to send on the details/information.

As per routine I stop by my parents’ place on the way home and by the time I leave Liverpool are already beating Real Madrid 2-0 in depressing fashion.

Upon returning home I find myself pining the septic as I look at her blog and pictures. This is boring.

The night ends with Millwall beating Northampton 1-0 in a fortunate set of affairs. On a less interesting note Liverpool wind up beating Real Madrid lending them distorted and undeserved/undue bragging rights. Danny Baker refers to them as a constipated team and you can see why.

On that note my usual Tuesday doesn’t quite happen as I fall asleep too early awaking fifteen minutes into 606. After that I sail out the night passing out to Family Guy on BBC3.

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