Sunday, 29 March 2009

Sunday 29 March 2009

Thankfully no headache this morning as I awaken with a backache instead. My bed is now royally fucked roughly a year and a half after establishing that really I need a new mattress.

I awaken today with no idea what the actual time is. The clocks changed last night but I took my watch of anyway. So last night we time travelled for an hour but which was it? This reminds me of that episode of The Adventures Of Pete And Pete “Time Tunnel” where it is Riboflavin found in cereal that helps facilitate the time travelling function.

When I check my phone this morning freakily it is to the exact same message I woke up to yesterday morning but from a different person. Instead of Nina this time it was Stevo that sent me the text “hey” at 23.03 last night. That’s a strange coincidence.

After watching the New Zealand tourist board episode of Flight Of The Conchords (guest starring Lucy Lawless still looking amazing) I manage to tear into writing early. Today again I am covering the visit/holiday to Sacramento and San Francisco in 2003 and I am really nailing it, overcoming my fears the writing is good, true and funny. I find myself short of breath as I fail to write/type fast enough to keep up with the material.

As soon as the time arrives (and the shops are open) I head out to Sainsburys to pick up a copy of today’s Observer. Its not for any interesting articles or grand pieces of journalism, its because it comes with a free copy of Heathers on DVD.

I remember watching that movie on video one afternoon at Richard Walley’s house skiving off school in our final year (well, mine). I’ve always had the biggest crush on Shannen Doherty. No doubt the bad girl image always served to excite me no end but she also reminded me of a girl called Sarah that used to live down the road I grew up on and who one year gave me my first (and only ever) Valentine’s Day card. These days one of Mark’s Japanese friends really reminds me of (and looks like) Shannen Doh. These are great memories.

Back in the flat writing begins to slow down and wind up. To inject some kind of thrust and life into proceedings I put on the last Extreme Noise Terror record (“Law Of Retaliation”) and it sounds better than ever as I begin to pick up on the samples tagged onto the beginning of songs including the famous Mickey Rourke as Charles Bukowski quote from Barfly.

As time to head over to the parents’ for the Sunday ritual closes in another frustrating writing day of starting lots of stuff and finishing nothing ends.

When I get to the olds it turns out that there was trouble outside their front door last night. In the early hours (3AM) some pisshead was making a lot of noise outside the door and when the old man went out to tell them to “shut up” and/or “fuck off” the dog followed him out and when a pissed girl screamed “get this fucking dog off me” dad helped her on her way to the ground with a shove/push. That’s my dad.

With no football due to the internationals I take over my newly purchased copy of I Am Legend. I remember solemnly watching a download of this on my own just before New Years 2007/2008 on the occasion Gyle got back in touch with me just before we finally fell out at Easter last year. As a result I have only ever seen the first half of the movie and have always wondered what happens in the remainder.

It would seem the best parts of the movie are in the first half. To say the rest of the movie disappoints would be an understatement and eventually works out at two hours of my life I won’t get back. I notice on the second disc that there is an alternative ending. It is actually another version of the movie with the alternative ending taped onto the end over the top of the original ending. This is poor and disappointing also, I don’t remember/recall Omega Man being this rubbish. Then again Will Smith vs Charlton Heston – one guy walked the talk while the other one rapped.

All while this is going on the dog is running around being a nuisance and wanting to play before suddenly going quiet at which point it becomes evident that he has a boner once more. This dog needs to be fixed.

My elation experienced this weekend turns to deflation in early evening – I remember the void that there is in my life and how futile it all is in the long run.

I sail out the evening watching The Simpsons and the beginning of White Chicks before heading home after nearly pissing myself being sloppy.

My night ends watching two episodes of Flight Of The Conchords before passing out.

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