Thursday, 26 March 2009

Thursday 26 March 2009

It started as a mistake. Obviously after last nights distinct lack of sleep there are no dreams to report although I do think at one point the MD gives me a cup of coffee, as is the occasional ritual. Instead however I wake up with a belly full of regret.

There could be trouble/problems ahead today. As I enter the day there is a sinking sick feeling in the pit of my stomach dominating proceedings. It has been there since last night and has not gone away as I now am feeling undermined and the requirement/need to regain ground and more importantly face. That said, I really do not want to go to work today if it is going to continue to make me feel lousy. All in all, the signs say/point to something has to happen.

It is in an almost dream state that I walk to the station this morning. Only half of the walk registers with me and is taken in. By the time I am on the train wheels are setting in motion.

For a third day running the bike guy from Kelvedon sets his fold up bike down and sits down next to me. That sweaty motherfucker. I’m beginning to feel stalked on a minor level.

Eventually the train bowls into Liverpool Street at 8.06. Late again.

When I arrive at work there is a little bit of an atmosphere in the office but this soon blows over due to no sign of dickhead.

In the early afternoon the girl begins dishing out the Codeine she was given for her bad neck. Seemed like a good idea the time.

At the end of my working day as per my routine I get the 6.20 train to Norwich. While sitting on a table a Eugene Levy lookalike with hearing aids sits himself down at our table and plainly/obviously wants to talk to somebody (us!). As we pass the Olympic stadium in Stratford he makes random comment of it looking like a dump site and how will they ever be able to clean/tidy it up. We smile at the guy and nod at him in acknowledgment while increasing the volumes on our iPods, not that he can hear this of course. He goes back to eating his bag of mixed dry nuts.

Back in Colchester on the way home I stop via the olds and discover the Louis Theroux Weird Weekends “Thai Bribes” episode on Sky (Dave channel). That always freaked me out as one of the weirdest episode of any of his shows – the man that finds love with temper issues is just downright terrifying, I have always found myself fearful of winding up like that. The lady that marries him obviously has no love for him. Oh well, this show is ten years old now and they’re probably all dead by now.

By the time I return home it is beginning to get late but I want to stay awake for Newswipe with Charlie Brooker because the guy is a legend. The show is not until 11PM so in an effort to keep awake I begin listening to Slayer at an uncivilised hour. Eventually I reach Newswipe and annoyingly find myself asleep within minutes of it beginning.

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