Thursday, 4 March 2010

Thursday 4 March 2010

Thursday 4 March 2010

I wake up just before 7.30AM today with the sun already out in full strength and me feeling alarmed thinking that it is actually later than it is.  Today could get me into trouble, even though it is a well booked day off from work there is still plenty to do and get done in the office all equating to a heavy day ahead of me tomorrow and a potential dose of flack.  To be honest I sensed the flack as I left the restaurant last night and after the initial pangs of guilt that made me consider “perhaps I should go in” once beyond that state the actual delivery and course that has got to this stage (of the work) is something I cannot build too much concern or steam over, cannot feel total responsibility for.  That said part of me feared for my job as I left but I’m always fearing for my job.

Today is a gorgeous day, too good to be wasted by performing my various housebound chores, which I never get around to finishing off anyway unfortunately.  It’s all so futile.

I begin the day gawping at the influx of old US comedy repeats on Channel Four that consume the early morning.  I had forgotten that they put a clock up in the top left corner in order to ensure that people are not late leaving for work due to watching Everybody Loves Raymond.  Isn’t it a tragedy for me that I have leave every morning before these shows even begin.  As ever Frasier is really the only of these shows displaying any true quality, with Roz looking particularly hot in today’s episode.

Not really wanting to climb out of bed I do so anyway and endeavour to set about writing.  When I pick up my phone I naturally expect a message or missed call from work but thankfully the screen is blank.  Perhaps my paranoia prevails too much sometimes.

Later unfortunately when I check my Facebook there is a message from The Girl from 9.16AM.  Indeed the angry boss did have a pop at my boss last night about what I thought it was about and now the shit appears to be trickling down.  Have I avoided a bullet by not going in today or set myself up for a barrage upon my return tomorrow?

I have to say to hear all this is pretty disheartening and doesn’t really bode well for my return to the office tomorrow; quite frankly it eats into my day and adds a degree/level of distraction to proceedings that is as helpful as a hole in the head.

Today I continue writing to a soundtrack of 6music.  Now that it has been announced that the fucker is being cut I am choosing to listen to it and become a fan.  What is my mentality to existence sometimes?

Annoyingly off the back of the earlier disruption the writing just fails to flow today and soon I find myself looking elsewhere for inspiration and interest.  With this in mind I pick up the Wesley Willis documentary that came through the post from America the other day.  Wesley Willis’ Joy Rides turns out to be a breeze to watch, offering up a whole new perspective on a truly misunderstood person.  Unfortunately having had so much emphasise placed on his schizophrenia the perception of him has been somewhat negative and accidentally violent over the years but this documentary portrays him as a very cuddly and affectionate character, one of great character and talent just lacking certain mental traits that made him unable to function in “normal” society.  Worryingly I begin to see certain elements of him in myself as the interviews with his family seem to go a long way to explaining how he arrived in such a condition/state.  It is so sad that he died the way he did, he basically was too confused/mixed up to remember to take his medication on a regular basis.  Oh well.

After lunch I resume writing now feeling inspired by the Wesley Willis documentary, which carries me mentally well.

At 3PM I break to listen to the Danny Baker show on BBC London.  Today two of my emails get read out on air as he holds his own Oscar ceremony.  I put a vote in for best film being The Odd Couple (which somebody else promptly puts forward also).  In the end In The Loop wins best film and quite correctly Slumdog Millionaire wins the worst film award (if only the real Oscars had such a category).  To think that some people waste their days off…..

Once the show ends from here I briefly resume writing before pausing to watch new 30 Rock and The Simpsons for inspiration.  Later this weeks Culture Show distracts me further with its Kermode film awards “ceremony” and an interview with Slash.

By this point my day off is almost over and trepidation of returning to work and a potential shit storm begins to kick in.  Undaunted I attempt to make the most of the remaining evening by doing some late writing before running a bath with view to facing tomorrow as fresh as possible.

Late on the BBC shows the latest episode of its terrorist documentary.  From it I only come to the conclusion that the pant bomber should have been sponsored by Calvin Klein.  In the reconstruction of the ridiculous event the guy playing the pant bomber looks like Puffy Daddy.  Surely that is not an accurate portrayal of proceedings.

Exhaustion soon kicks in as I later fall asleep just after 10PM.

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