Monday, 29 March 2010

Monday 29 March 2010

Monday 29 March 2010

It is dark again this morning when I wake up.  There are some downfalls to changing the clocks after all.  I seem to recall that this darkness doesn’t last too long but regardless it arrives as something of a culture shock this morning.

From here the drive to the station is stunted by being part of a convoy of cunts all poodling in regulation.  Quite frankly we are drowning here.

When I finally find myself on the train platform this morning it appears to be full of lookalikes.  I think I am experiencing new week hallucinations.  Before long this comes coupled with drizzle as the day begins slowly raining on me.

The train is pleasantly quiet this morning, which is always a bonus when it comes to starting the week.

Eventually it gets into London without drama and before long I find myself walking down Loudoun Road towards work.  This morning it is very noticeable how the kids from the rich American school are on Easter holiday while kids from the poor Ndubz school are still dragging themselves into class; a resentment that their faces physically display.  One day I can’t help but think these little fuckers will turn on and attack me.

I step into work and the place appears to still be standing after my two-day absence.  When I ask the Filipino how things were it seems there were no major dramas while I was away.  Things get boring like that sometimes.

Today is the first day that The Girl is away doing charity work in Ghana.  In theory this now means that the Filipino and I are having to cover all her work but in reality this doesn’t necessarily amount to much.

Away from her duties I find that I appear to have forgotten how to do my own job.  After the rush of last week, today now I truly cannot recall at what point I supposed to be picking things up from.

Soon lunch arrives and with it my hunger.  Predictably I have penne with chicken, happily throwing caution to the wind.

From here the afternoon plays out in much the same manner as the morning.  It turns out that the consultant is due in tomorrow now but not even that can spur me into action.

At 2PM the Filipino heads off to watch her daughter play violin at school, which leaves me alone to man the ship.  Then the boss comes in and wants to get involved.  Unfortunately despite his best intentions he just gets in the way as I finally begin to get my head around the task ahead.

This afternoon provides a rare treat as I am able to listen to the Danny Baker show on BBC London following up on my “appearance” on the show on Friday.  Again today he is fucking around with the two different Facebook groups, much trivia out of trivia for no real reason.

As the news comes on the radio the story of the day is linked to Mephedrone (or “Meow Meow” as some are calling it) and my boss asks me if I have encounter.  My response of “yeah, my mate had some at Christmas” is perhaps not the perfect answer to be exhibiting at this time.

When 5.30PM arrives it comes with guilt and relief.

Scarily the tube across town tonight is filled with lookalikes of various friends and acquaintances.  One day they won’t be lookalikes again.

Sing hallelujah as today’s episode of The Bugle (109) contains an appearance from The American.  Today you can hear the frustration in John Oliver’s voice as he tears through the idea of healthcare in America and how Nicolas Cage and National Treasure are to blame for putting ideas in American people’s heads.  Later when he realises that the show he is recording is not on the radio and air of disdain appears in his voice even though he still shouts out the number as 1-800 BRITFUN.

As a result of this podcast I get home in a good mood this evening.  From here I tear into writing and experience my most productive night in ages.

Eventually I fall asleep watching the Naked Lunch movie.  This is not a healthy movie to nod off to.

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