Sunday, 21 March 2010

Sunday 21 March 2010

Sunday 21 March 2010

Dream 1: I am meeting up with Szesze again and it turns out that today is her birthday and she is celebrating.  I find myself invited along to proceedings but first of all she has to dispose of or pick something up and being that I have my car with me I am given honour of performing this duty.  It is all highly suspicious and naturally I wonder if it is Triad related.  As I begin to hesitate and lean towards not doing the favour she begins whining, stating that it is her birthday after all and saying how the party in the evening will be a lot of fun and she insinuates that there is something in it for me.  From here, like a minch, I begin undertaking the task.  However before I actually see/know what it is I have to awaken to go to the toilet.

Dream 2: I appear to be living with my parents again back in what would seem to be the house in Little Clacton.  It is strange as I am a fully grown adult but acting like a child again, placing too much importance on trivial matters while I allow my parents to run around after me.  Quite frankly viewed externally I disgust me.  I am watching TV and I discover that MTV is showing some kind of tribute to Nirvana and Nevermind showing a whole host of new footage and alternative versions of songs.  To me this is a real event and something that I have to watch with my full attention.  As a result naturally I hog the television and tell my parents to shut up.  By doing this unsurprisingly I wind up in an argument with my mother as she refuses to acknowledge any of this, even wanting to watch something else on TV.  I begin shouting her down and explaining that I want to watch the TV.  She hears this and then begins telling me about her friend Karen and how she still has great hair.  Once more I lose my rag and royally shout at my mother before storming off to my bedroom to watch the thing.  Not long after this with mum in tears my old man comes storming into the room aggressively shouting at me and scaring me before ripping the aerial out of the back of my TV and breaking it so that nobody will be able to watch anything.  I feel scolded like a child despite realising that I am still 33.  This reflects badly on everybody, especially me.

I emerge from the dream slightly shaken and relieved it is over.  Am I really like that now in this day and age?  Fortunately I don’t think so but as ever there is always room for improvement.

For yet another day running I have a slight headache surfacing at the back of my head.  I hope this does not manifest itself into something troublesome.

There is a slight thrill to my mental demeanour today, yesterday represented the best day’s writing I have had in months.  If I can repeat that today I will truly be top of the world.

When I check the clock to see what time it is despite the sun being out in full it is only 6.45AM on a Sunday morning.  I thought it was actually more like 9AM.

The first thing I do is finish off watching the SNL episode with Jude Law that I fell asleep during last night.  The musical guests are Pearl Jam and they are depressingly lacklustre, quite frankly Eddie Vedder should not be allowed anywhere near a guitar.  What a wasted opportunity, all those viewings and they just perform two dull numbers that only serves to fuel people’s low opinion of the band.

Afterwards with Sunday still very early I dig out my Japanese documentary about female wrestlers called GAEA Girls and check it out.  Rather than being glitzy it turns out to be a lot more gritty than I was expecting with a truly humane story at the core with a set of warm individuals and characters who you find yourself truly feeling and rooting for.

From here as the DVD finishes I get up and choose to ignore the usual moronic Sunday morning television that just tends to wind me up.  Instead I decide to watch Wilfred which proves to be a much better decision.

Outside today is a gorgeous sunny day, one that I just know I will only eventually waste.

Beyond my initial burst of energy I eventually find myself heading back to bed and to my DVD player watching Fever Pitch.  Annoyingly being one of those DVDs that came free with a newspaper once after thirty minutes it stops working and packs up.  Oh well, I didn’t like Arsenal in 1989 anyway.

With this defeat behind me I resume writing now with vigour and manage to continue until heading off to my parents for 3PM.

Arrival at my parents today is to the sight of a newly shorn dog.  This time the doggy stylist has really cut him close, Bobby has never looked so skinny.  This appears to be prompting the parents into arguing if the dog has one eye bigger than the other.  As far I can tell he hasn’t.

As I arrive Manchester United v Liverpool is on Sky.  I didn’t think this game was being shown so subsequently missing it peeves me somewhat.  In the end Manchester United win 3-1 as the ever expanding gulf between the clubs becomes further enhanced and established.

Today Sky is rocking homage of The Wire in order to push the notion of the Premier League season heading to the wire.  I can’t help but feel this trivialises and is disrespectful to the plight and problems of Baltimore.

The second game on Sky is between Blackburn and Chelsea which surprisingly ends 1-1 as Chelsea begin to look shaky, which can only be good for everyone.  I wonder what kind of spin Danny Devito is putting on this right now.

From here the remainder of the day (the evening) is spent teasing the dog prior to grabbing some dinner and watching the repeat of Harry Hill.  This is so routine.

When I eventually get home it is with the intention of writing.  I do manage some but it is to reducing returns as I eventually begin to fall asleep at my desk.

Soon it is Sunday night proper and I am passing out in bed.

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