Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Wednesday 4 November 2009

Dream: I’m back on the hell train.  The pissed up guy is not on there but his spirit is.  As it sits in the station I already feel uncomfortable being on the late train and then just before it pulls away ding dong from Baker Street gets on.  I hate it when prior events play on my mind to the point they enter my dreams.

Today I awaken semi reeling from the comments of last night.  Oh dear, people were scoring points off me on Facebook last night when really they shouldn’t be feeling entitled to do so to that degree.  Hypocrisy rains all around.  Have I really slipped so far?

I’m fucked off this morning.  I catch the 6.59AM train again but I do so as and with an expression of disdain.  Hopefully by the time I reach London I’ll be off my high horse.

As I board the train I have to step over a Labrador laying in the aisle.  Who the fuck brings a Labrador onto a commuter train?

As Chelmsford beckons Mr Labrador (the owner) begins laughing out loud.  I guess he must be listening to a good audiobook.  Weirdo.  Later as the train stops at Ingatestone some hard body lady really wants to sit in the spare seat next to the guy.  Of course this requires her to sit over the dog that proceeds to attempt to stick his nose up her crotch all the way to London.  What does that say and suggest about her personal hygiene?

While watching all this play out it suddenly occurs to me that I am beginning to feel woozy.  After more than four years of catching the commuter train to London daily now I appear to getting motion sickness.  This is wrong.

On the tube today is some kind of crazy hybrid of Super Hans from Peep Show and Rich Hall seemingly wanting to talk to anyone or anything that will indulge him.  Fortunately he exits at Moorgate before he offers me the opportunity to converse.

Nothing else happens on the remainder of my journey into work, which is a relief.

After yesterdays hurricane at work it is difficult to build up any steam today especially when an early email from the consultant miffs me.  Beyond this, much like my journey in little else happens to my day.

The day ends with my boss sporting the expression that suggests he wants to work late.  What he wants to tackle at such a late hour however is a very big job and he is realistically leaving it too late in the day to begin such a project.  Eventually I get out only 20 minutes late, rushing to catch my train home.

Eventually I just about manage to get the 6.30PM Norwich train and with a distinct lack of empty seats beggars can’t be choosers as I wind up sitting next to an ignorant arsehole attempting to sleep in his seat by spreading out and across into mine.  As a result I spend the duration of the journey with his left elbow lodged in my side as he periodically rubs his legs up against mine when his snoring gets most violent.  I feel quite literally violated.

When I get back to Colchester upon getting in the car and turning on the radio I suddenly find myself smacked in the face with another version of “Fire”.  This time the version is a sample heavy hip hop track that actually manages not to ruin the original and after it finishes it turns that the guy spitting all over Jimi is Lupe Fiasco.  It is so weird how this song appears to be following me around at this time, this is my undisputed favourite song of the moment.

Miraculously when I arrive at the olds in Balkerne Heights tonight there is a free visitors spot.  As I step through the front door Bobby immediately goes bonkers for me – it is the greatest feeling of welcome.

With Liverpool playing Lyon on the TV in the background I proceed to waste the evening once more attempting to repair their PC and AOL.  Eventually on the third attempt to speak to somebody at their call centre I talk to some guy at AOL only for him to giggle his way through the call.  I’m beginning to sense that the problems attached to this are bigger than originally imagined.  Not that the guy from AOL is any help, he’s as useful as a chocolate teapot.

In the end after a lot of effort and little in the way of results I get manage to get away at 10.45PM with things looking only slightly rosier than they had before I arrived.

After last night for a second night running this turns out to be a tiring day.

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