Sunday, 8 November 2009

Sunday 8 November 2009

Deflation rolls into my Sunday.

I endeavour to avoid the result of the boxing today in the hope of watching it on a torrent I am slowly downloading.  As I emerge from my slumber it isn’t even a third of the way in.  I won’t be watching this in a hurry it would seem.

I spend the morning trying to write but ultimately it does not prove fruitful as I pretty fail in all endeavours.

With this in mind I return to bed after reviewing all my unwatched DVDs and choosing Wild Style in the process.

This is classic stuff.  The first generation of hip-hop is classically represented in a genuinely grimey manner that no longer appears to exist on the shores of New York.  The whole DIY vibe maintains and still manages to touch a nerve with anybody that has ever done anything artistic or creative when face with a collision of obstacles and apathy in the air.  For a movie that is now over 25 years old it holds up incredibly well even if view in a patronising historical manner.  The people in it look so young and it is weird to think that now they are only brushing up on/around 40, which is an age increasingly feeling more tangible to me.

Throughout the movie I hear clips and sound bites that have appeared as samples in so many albums I have (most notably for me is the Doom speech regarding the mural that MF Doom used). Afterwards I watch the extras of the participants being interviewed in recent years.  I have to admit to developing/finding some kind of crush on Lady Pink.

Before heading over to my parents for the routine Sunday lunch I polish off season 5 of Entourage.  This TV show does not quit as even though all looks lost throughout the season and old friendships appear numbered it all comes together at the end, coming together in a manner even better than previous.  Of course Turtle hooking up with Jamie-Lynn Sigler (Meadow Soprano) doesn’t hurt in the optimism stakes.

This week I head over to the olds slightly early for 2PM.  Their old neighbour (the South African) is back in the country and he has been threatening to come over and visit again today after dragging a kid along with him yesterday.  I’m not quite sure how I feel about seeing this guy as he is truly blunt and as I feel low any barbed joke comments may not necessarily be manageable to/for me today.

As soon as I arrive at their gaff the old man has a pop at me for “not saying” that I wanted to get the boxing (he reads this on Facebook) before proceeding to tell me the result.  Fuck me two times why don’t you.

On TV today Northwich are playing Charlton in the FA Cup and in the 81st minute Northwich score which makes things interesting as an unexpected giant killing is suddenly on the cards.  In the end they keep it together and scrap out a 1-0 win.

Later bored I begin watching The Boat That Rocked on the computer and for the first half it is great but then I get bored of the copy flickering so I turn my attention back to the football on telly.

Today on Sky Chelsea are playing Manchester United.  It was always going to be Chelsea which is proved when they run out 1-0 victors.  Not that that makes it an exciting game (although I am sure there are thousands that would disagree with me).

My parents seem excited by the fireworks display occurring tonight that they can see from mum’s bedroom.  Perhaps they would like to try actually seeing them close up one day.  With every large bang and boom it appears “We Will Rock You” by Queen gets launched out of their PA CD player.  This is the modern world.

The old South African neighbour of my parents was supposed to come for a visit today.  He and his wife fled the country last year when the credit crunch took another victim and they just stop paying their pays and headed out of England, literally just handing back over the keys to the bank.  Unfortunately though he turns out to be a no show which is a drag because it would have been nice to see him and most definitely we do all miss the guy, even if it is for the mere fact he always served as a really calming influence on my dad.  At first I found him horribly obnoxious as he began to cater as the son figure I sense my parents would really preferred to have had but by the end we found ourselves naming our dog after him.  Higher praise I could not imagine.

As I leave to head home tonight it comes with being handed a new duvet and pillows from my mother.  These are her cast offs as they get new bedding of their own.  The unfortunate reality is that there is no way my flat can facilitate this so in the end I just stick the two bin bags in the boot of my car for a future date.  Bless her heart but she just does not understand my circumstances at this time.

When I get home I want to do some writing but instead unfortunately I am just fucked and incapable of doing so.  Instead as I wind down to get ready for the week ahead I have a quick bath before getting into Die Hard 4 that is on Channel Four.  Originally I had also intended to watch the somewhat flawed HBO Bettie Page movie that is on BBC2 but alas Die Hard 4 sends me to sleep.  I guess I’ll never know what happened with that hacker guy’s attempts to destroy the world.

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