Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Tuesday 29 December 2009

Today I am awake and up just before 8AM with a puzzled expression.  Again it is fucking freezing in my apartment but today I really do need to have a productive day after considering what was the lame start to proceedings of yesterday.  Tomorrow I am back into work already.  Where does time go?

Things are beginning to feel almost back to normal today.  When I flip on the TV I almost expect to see Jeremy Kyle back in the TV listings.  I bet he could do some wonderful shows about Christmas incidents.

GMTV is back today and with it its horribly moronic method of reporting the news.  The main/lead news story today is about the execution of that guy in China that got caught smuggling Heroin into the country.  What did he expect, a fucking slap on the wrist because he holds a British passport?  Perhaps it was the fact that he doesn’t have a British name that went against him?  Perhaps it was those stupid photographs of him that are being splashed all over the news that meant the powers that be didn’t really give too much of a fuck about saving him.  I do find it strange how the media is attempting to get/make us sympathise with someone who was a drug dealer.  Surely the usual mentality and reaction to such individuals is to string them up?  Oh no, that’s only if they harm children.

I start early today thankfully assisted by the fact that television is rubbish and failing to distract me (although I do feel disgust in the awful Disney sequels to The Jungle Book and Peter Pan they are showing).  From the off I am writing and for a while it gets good even if the subject matter fails to spark me and fills me with fear that it may not quite be the most interesting stuff ever put down.  I have a plan for today and I have to settle down.

Elsewhere The Girl has returned to work today having the unfortunate task being first to fill in.  Her Facebook status reports that she is hungover, that’s gottta hurt.  My go is tomorrow and I have plenty to do and squeeze into that one day.  In reality I could do with being in work every day this week but at the same time there are things I feel obliged and dedicated to at home also.  There are not enough hours in my life to satisfy everything (or anything for that matter).  I would like to think this reality lent some kind of urgency to proceedings but ultimately it just makes me tired and causes me to sag in the most defeatist of manners.  Where are people when I need them to buoy me up.

I make comment on Facebook to the extent of “well don’t smuggle heroin into China then” and I await response from well wishers.  Sadly my friend in Austria bites as ever looking to take me to task on my apparent and insinuated racism.  Seriously things are not so dedicated or deep.  People love to get on their high horse.

Around 11AM which the knowledge that I have no food in the flat I head out to Asda to do some post Christmas grocery shopping.  As I head down Butt Road past Action Park I have to stop at the traffic lights that lead towards the barracks.  I think I spot the old man waiting at the opposite junction but I do not recognise the person in the passenger seat so I dismiss it as not being him as my eyes fail me in the process.  Time to get them checked?  Not with Specsavers as my fucking opticians it ain’t.

After this I head towards the end of Butt Road and the beginning of town and as I pass Butt Road and Chernobyl I spot Stevo precariously crossing the road Frogger style to get from one office to the other.  The poor sod has had to go into work today, between Christmas and New Years.  I remember those dank few days at the firm, with only half the staff in attendance and often most of the bosses still on holiday, sometimes off in foreign lands, no wonder resentment for those people would fester.  Luckily I am soon passing the company, moving away from so many Nam-esqe flashbacks.

Today Asda is Asda, busier than usual but not in a ridiculous manner keeping it still manageable and bearable.  On the agenda today I just buy the essentials in the form of milk, drinks, cereal and bread while also treating myself to some cheese and pepperoni.  It is still Christmas after all (just about).

With groceries in the pocket of my car I then make the fool’s journey (and errand) of heading over to Stanway and the Tollgate shops where for some reason I suspect there just might be some bargains for me.

Pulling up I spot Staples and remember that I need to get a 2010 diary.  As I head to them I spot an old client from back in my Disney days.  I say “hello” but I doubt he remembers me or even knows who I am.  Why do I bother?

After this I head to Currys in search of a new DVD player and/or Freeview box but the sales are limited and offer little in the way I am after.  Looking at the DVD players none of them appear to be multi region anymore.  What happened?  Are they all multi region now?  Also where the fuck have all the Freeview boxes gone?  Everything seems to have them built in now so in order to get a decent Freeview hook up does this mean I have to now buy a new TV or DVD player?  It has to be a DVD player that is multi region though.  And thus we come full circle and we are back at the start.

Empty handed I head home where I continue to write into the afternoon while over indulging in cheese (actually eating the whole block over the course of the remaining day).

With the sad reality of having to head to work tomorrow dawning the blues begin to kick in as I play out the evening writing and watching bad TV.

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