Friday, 4 December 2009

Friday 4 December 2009

Dreams: disturbing dreams approached me last night and in the early hours of this morning.  At one point one of them struck me solidly and literally gave me a pounding headache cum migraine.  It is terrifying just how much power our subconscious holds over us, how it is able to transmit into such physical affections.

I wake up too early for a day but it is with the intention of taking some pills, shaking this head and getting well.  Thank god I discovered that bottled Good Green Tea at Asda.  Its soothing affects feel almost immediate.

I begin the day by watching the final two episodes of season six of Entourage.  For some reason at the close of proceedings I found myself most concerned with Ari making good with Lloyd.  I can’t help but feel this season ended on the biggest downer so far.  Who gives a fuck if Sloane said “yes” to Eric, more concerning is Turtle ending the season pretty much back to where he started.  After the very strong ending of season five sadly the latest season just failed to end on the high and feel good vibe of previous years.

Elsewhere I later happen across Friends on Channel Four.  Was it always this moronic and nauseating?

Eventually I manage to shake the headache but the flu remains and with it a heavy bunged up head giving off the sensation of being stuck in a bubble, thankfully though this does not prevent me from writing as I manage to get some stuff done.

Around midday I head over to Sainsburys in Stanway because I have a real Jones on for some bread.  While there I spot the new Danny Baker DVD and after procrastinating for a moment I end up forking out £14 for a DVD that I know will cost around £5 after Christmas in the new year.

Once back home as I have my lunch I watch the Gang Of Souls DVD that Lovefilm posted to me a couple of weeks ago.  The DVD is pretty bad unfortunately.  With a production date of 1989 it is a documentary on the Beat writers (who at the time were mostly still alive) but unwisely it attempts to bring the movement up to date (to 1989) and includes Jim Carroll, Henry Rollins and Lydia Lunch as carrying on the Beats legacy.  To be honest though I’ve never really thought of the Beats to be that closely related to the punk movement and the documentary would have been smarter to have pursued and included Bukowski into the piece.  Despite the fact that some of the descriptions and performances on the disc are at times just plain embarrassing on the whole it’s always fun to watch this stuff.

Afterwards I continue the afternoon as the morning had ended as I manage to keep up with the writing although as ever I begin plenty but never really finish anything.  That said I do feel I make progress for a change.

When 3PM comes around to take a break to listen to Danny Baker’s Radio London show until 5PM when the World Cup draw is coming from South Africa.

The World Cup draw turns out to be highly exciting although David Beckham does tarnish things by sporting the most ridiculous haircut imaginable.  Realistically it is difficult to see what he is trying achieve with such a thug cut that comes straight of the late 80s WWF wrestling.  I think if (when) we fail in our efforts to host a forthcoming world cup we will be able to look back at this as being the moment in which we (he) blew it.

You can’t help but feel that the powers that be make something of a meal out of the draw, its not as if they’re launching a new iPod or something.  It actually appears to resemble Eurovision crossed with the Krypton Factor.  As Charlize Theron appears to struggle to make sense of just what is happening (via smart comments to athletes ten times more hard working and talented than her) eventually it all comes to a conclusion with England heading Group C drawn against America, Algeria and Slovenia all of whom for face value should not pose any problem for England to fly by (famous last words).  Elsewhere Group E is initially my favourite with Holland, Denmark, Cameroon and Japan which I consider to be the group of death until the pundits (the readers wives) point out how spikey Group G is going to be with Brazil, Portugal, the Ivory Coast and North Korea.  Immediately World Cup fever hits me and exudes from every pore.  Straight away I find out what date the first game kicks everything off and I make a promise to take the entire first week off work as holiday in celebration (its 11 June for the record).

After such excitement the night winds down for me as I spin out the remainder of the night attempting to write and watching an episode of 30 Rock every now and then.

From here Friday plays out quietly while Waking The Baby Mammoth shows on Channel Four (a favourite euphemism of Racton).  Eventually I nod off to nothing.

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