Monday, 28 September 2009

Monday 28 September 2009

After such a crappy night’s sleep I find myself waking up just after 8AM this morning still feeling grouchy and tired. Outside the day is grey, foul and demeaning. I do not want to leave the house today and it is quite possible and likely that I will not, possessing this frame of mind.

Welcome to my day off.

Early this morning I receive attempted phone calls and texts from The Girl telling me that she is going to be late into work. She has plainly forgotten that I will not be in work today.

Originally I had booked today off in order to attend the Nick Cave book signing at HMV but off the back of the Southbank event I no longer need to do this and suspect were I to turn up again to another book signing I might begin to appear like something of a stalker to old Nick. Also I hardly feel I endeared myself to him previously either. Yuks.

So instead today I turn my attentions to completely my accounting continued professional development forms before the body throws me out and strikes me off their members list wiping off six years hard work in seconds with one foul swoop of the delete button.

This is a boring and arduous task. It is also one not easily done by a person working in the kind of role that I do. I remember at Butt Road the qualified staff would regularly attend seminars in order to keep up their knowledge of the accounting world but obviously a small organisation such as mine does not offer such a facility and regularly I get mail and emails telling me of courses I can and should be attending before informing me that it will cost in the region of several hundred pounds. I never signed up for all this!

Just before lunchtime with a lot of the work done but a sense of being bored rigid attaching me with it, I decide to watch a DVD and pick up the copy of the Glastonbury movie I got in the sale for £3. It is a very long documentary. Nobody really comes out of it very well as tedium kicks in as all involved attempt to transmit the tranquillity of the event. Only the popular bands play this event, not necessarily the good ones. I have never been to the festival and having watched this documentary now I don’t think I ever want to go to the festival.

While watching this I await the final few bytes of the season opener of Saturday Night Live to download. If only it had been a little bit quicker I could have been watching that instead.

Eventually I get some lunch and while doing so I watch Hung. I’m not so sure how this programme fits in with eating but as it nears completion of its first season its ending very strongly as a very charming show.

With Danny Baker’s BBC London radio show playing in the background I finally put the CPDs up online with view to satisfying my accounting body’s needs. It would suddenly appear they have moved the goalposts and now need twice as many hours (40 instead of 20) of additional experience. I shrug this off and submit what I had always intended.

On the Danny Baker show today is Chas Hodges from Chas And Dave who makes for a really interesting guest, an obvious choice and no-brainer. As he plays the piano in the studio it suddenly occurs just what a talented musician he (and Dave) is. This man is so very London and with it so a very dying breed which is sad thing about this modern changing world we are currently reeling in.

Beneath my bedroom window a neighbour gets on his bike and begins revving before riding off. As the fumes float up and enter through my bedroom window they give me a headache. I attempt to put a curse on the guy but I fail, I am neither gypsy nor wizard.

In the evening I cheekily head over to my parents’ for dinner. Its great to see them, to see the dog and to eat something warm and cooked. This is a win on all accounts although just as to how much joy I bring those guys is debatable.

While I tinker on their computer Racton calls me to see if I want to go with him to The Pleasance to see We Are Klang but unfortunately being in Colchester this is an obvious no no. Shame that could have been fun.

With the nights slowly beginning to get darker the dog now seems to have a fucked body clock and as soon it gets the slightest bit dark he is now heading to bed early.

After a bit of hang time at the olds I head home to do some writing. From here I scrape off a few words but eventually heading to bed and calling it a night.

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