Friday, 18 September 2009

Friday 18 September 2009

This morning I awaken at 6.40AM when thinking it is much later, perhaps even 9AM.

Today is fresh. After rain during the night the sun has returned and outside the early omens are for a glorious day in front of us.

This is the final day of my holiday and I am determined to make the most of it. I make a point of avoiding the TV to immediately tear into writing and hopefully knock Gestures more on the head.

Charisma just fucking oozes out of the radio this morning as Coldplay sends the nation to sleep taking up the majority of Jo Whiley’s final weekday Radio One show. This is billing of the most misrepresentative form as for the longest time now it was supposed to be Jay-Z as the main guest on her last show.

During the Coldplay set I find myself distracted by morning Channel Four and a politically correct documentary about a Muslim girl trying to find as many people in the world as possible called “Osama” but obviously not that one. Everywhere she goes looks mucky.

With the renewal of my Travelcard due and the forking out of £4500 when the post arrives today the promised strike refund cheque arrives from National Express in the form of £84.25. I’m not really quite sure how they calculated this amount but everything helps.

For some reason the appearance of Carry On Abroad in the TV schedules excites me today, enough to pull me away from the writing and anything else of use I might do with the time. I must have seen this film countless times over the years but more so than ever there is clarity in the humour for me as each joke seems to possess the subtly of a sledgehammer. Obviously Sid James is great but now I am aware of his pre-Carry On history with Tony Hancock it is weird to see him go from being that Sid James to this Sid James. Also the actors/characters in general just look so strange, you just cannot imagine people in this day and age looking like any of them. Looking at these people the Paulie Walnuts quote of: “I don’t understand. When I kid, you two were old ladies. Now I’m old and you two are still old” fits like a glove.

By early afternoon there is a funny atmosphere to proceedings, to my mental landscape. For some reason I find myself reminded of previous times at home on Friday afternoons when freedom felt more on the agenda and monotony not so prevalent.

Briefly I toy with the idea of heading into town and banking the cheque and buying some essentials but with this being my last opportunity to listen to Danny Baker’s afternoon show I stick with that.

My choice is proved correct as I listen to Danny Baker’s show and having just moved studios things are going wrong as to quote his old University Of Turmoil expression: “we fear change.” The sound is that he is struggling with technology and after saying he “isn’t feeling it” he declares that it will be “an all music show” as it sounds like he is throwing a major strop like on air. He plays “Hourglass” by Squeeze and it sounds amazing. Towards the end of the show Amy Lame brings him round a bit but it sounds a very tense show all in all.

Early evening hits with dinner and The Simpsons on Channel Four. With this I get going on the writing and dropping a few cans of energy drink I suddenly find myself being productive.

The night ends with energy as past 10PM I am still buzzing as Peep Show begins a new series and the third series of IT Crowd gets an airing. Both shows make me laugh stupidly.

Eventually I manage to fall asleep. My holiday comes to an end.

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