Monday, 13 April 2009

Monday 13 April 2009

Today is very quiet. Outside the world appears as if it has remained in its bed. I myself, I awaken at a frustrating 6.45AM unable to lie in any further.

It is Easter Monday! The break is more welcome than Christmas this year. Unfortunately however today represents something of a boring flat morning. Some kind of disaster strikes as I find myself with no enthusiasm for writing today. The best laid plans.

Looking at the news I wonder if Derek Draper is related to Don Draper somewhere down the line – they’re both in the same line (kind of).

In the end I find myself watching more episodes from this season’s Saturday Night Live and they all slay me – this season has been amazing. The appearances by Sarah Palin are very funny suggesting a sense in the woman not demonstrated or exhibited anywhere else in the run up to their failed election. If this is a top rated show (which it is) it suggests that thanks to the writers and performers the world (well, America) is actually a much more/better informed place than you would necessary imagine or give it credit for being.

With writing out of the window I set about re-arranging and attempting to organise Bohemian Grove but as the reality that I just have too much stuff for such a small apartment as ever rears its head the whole exercise begins to feel futile.

While my large stack of DVDs fall to the ground for the nth time Blackbeard’s Ghost arrives on TV and I find myself more than distracted by its charms. I have always loved this movie ever since renting it out on video as a little ‘un to slowly growing some kind of crush on Suzanne Pleshette in it to the final amusing reality that the villain in this piece is also called Mr Seymour. If ever I were to finally find time to do an electronica project on my sacking I would rip this movie to take samples from it.

Later as High School Musical 2 plays out on TV in the background I proceed to plough through the pile of seven inches I have recently bought with view to possibly reviewing them. The majority of the singles are real dogs, what the fuck is going on with modern music to make it all sound so bad. The highlight of a bad batch is the record by Kap Bambino, which sores above the bunch.

With Bedknobs And Broomsticks completing a day of Disney movies on TV I head over to the olds. Bedknobs And Broomsticks has always held a very happy place in my heart, not least for it being one of my favourite movies growing up when we snagged a pirate copy of it on video years before piracy became what it is now. Also when working at the studio and walking down Portobello Road to work every day Nicole and I would laugh about the song and how it didn’t really fit into the reality of our surroundings.

Finally today with Easter almost over I get an Easter egg. Damn I swear these things used to be bigger in years gone by.

The main reason for my visit tonight is Sky showing Millwall v Peterborough live. This is a really important game and had ‘Wall not fluffed points recently it would be a huge six pointer but as things stand it is still a six pointer even though the chances of Millwall finishing second are becoming thinner by the week now as no one is dropping points.

It’s a good game in the end and the atmosphere is infectious enough to make me wish I were at the place. I have been really shit this season having barely made any trips to games and watching The Den on TV tonight it looks fantastic, Millwall truly is a great club, earnest and working class.

A strange thing happens tonight, the referee does Millwall a favour. With about ten minutes left to go in the first half ‘Wall snag a soft(ish) penalty and when Gary Alexander steps up and takes it only to have it saved the referee orders him to retake it because the Peterborough (the Posh) goalkeeper moved on his line before the kick. I don’t know, he didn’t appear to move any more than 99% of all other goalkeepers facing penalties. Then with the second identical kick the exact same thing happens again – Alexander takes, keeper saves then the referee says “take it again.” This I have never fucking seen before. For a third attempt Dave Martin takes over and smacks the fucker home. I didn’t even realise you could do that, change penalty taker mid kick. I’m half surprised when the referee doesn’t pick up on that. I don’t know, getting the run of the green, the run of the decisions indicates a season where luck is on your side and the stuff promotion possibilities.

Millwall seal the deal when Dave Martin goes on a sweet run and knocks a tidy ball across the box which Jason Price attempts to sky but instead fires into the top of the net. It’s a sweet sweet thing. This is fortuitous also, here Millwall has a striker on loan that has scored about 60 goals in 400 games, that is such a decrepit strike rate but for us he is now 2 for 2. The game ends 2-0 and all is right for the world.

Back home and it is time for Stewart Lee. Tonight was supposed to be the religion episode but it would seem a late decision has been made to instead show the comedy episode. It’s another really good show. He does his Franklyn Ajaye bit that we saw/heard him perform at the 100 Club with David Cross last summer. Another bit is a mock history of America’s most dangerous comedian that appears loosely based on Bill Hicks and the piece has the comedian dining off the line and repeating the joke “a mouse is just a fag rat.”

Fucking top end to a top day.

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