Friday, 2 April 2010

Friday 2 April 2010 – GOOD FRIDAY

Friday 2 April 2010 – GOOD FRIDAY

Dream: recently I have been having a recurring dream whereby I am a substitute teacher who leaves office work at lunchtime to take in class in the afternoon.  Pays the bills I guess.  There’s no real teaching involved as it appears to be an act/gesture of crowd control as I front a classroom and try not to be affected by the abuse that comes my way.  Today as I head to the school I find myself lugging lots of bags of belongings with my as the time reaches 12.15PM.  From here I find myself buying lunch in a small Sainsburys and stressing about reaching class on time.  Fortunately I encounter another teacher who informs me that luckily class begins at 2PM instead of 1PM.  With this in mind I offload my belongings and take a leisurely stroll through the school, which resembles my school in Frinton when growing up.  Walking through the lunch hall it is as I remember, loud and resembling carnage.  Suddenly I realise the time is closing in on 2PM and I have no idea where the classroom I am teaching in actually is.  Eventually I arrive at it late.  I’m cool though.  From here I find myself at some kind of outdoor festival similar to a lo-fi Latitude.  Did I just take the kids on a field trip?  There is comedy and roller derby and from here I spot the roller girl with tattoos that used to work at our restaurant (who I fancied).  I approach her and as usual I babble and act goofy in her presence.  She says that they (the roller derby girls) are appearing with We Are Klang and that I should go along and watch them.  When the show begins unfortunately I find myself unable to get into the event but I can still hear it from outside.  Listening in I memorise a couple of great jokes from the show (including one about stamps) and when I later repeat them to other people they think that I have made the jokes up myself and that I am hilarious.  At this point my friend Pauly turns up with the two roller derby girls that used to work at our restaurant.  From here we head into a stage tent and huddle (cuddle) up in a corner.  The others head off with the blonde girl leaving me with the girl with tattoos (the one I fancy).  She says to me “shall we try having one more date?” (we’ve had dates?) before starting to kiss me passionately.  I think this is a green light.

When I wake up unsurprisingly I am in a good mood.  Soon I find myself writing, getting into the groove of proceedings and really enjoying Easter from the off.

Before long I find myself watching Whip It, which turns out to be much better than I was expecting.  For what could have been a cheesy chick flick with a “hear me roar” agenda it’s surprisingly tastefully done.  It’s also nice to see Maeby from Arrested Development in the movie (in something else).

I find myself listening to Radio 4 today because the David Sedaris show that we saw recorded back in November is finally being aired.  Beforehand there is a Douglas Adams documentary about the Doctor Who episodes he wrote and its all great stuff.

The David Sedaris show (Meet David Sedaris) turns out to be a blast, just as funny as I recall.  I do not recognise the stories from the recording but I fear that I hear my own laugh.  Sedaris is a genius wit, dry and most subtly bitchy.

With this I soon find myself distracted and wandering towards TV where I come across The Love Bug on Film4, which I enjoy much more than I should do.  I’ll never forget when dad hired this movie out of the video for me one Saturday night but I kicked up a stink because I wanted something like Chuck Norris.  I was a horrible fucking kid.  Regardless San Francisco looks amazing in this movie.  Better times.

In the end from here I do not leave the house all day.  Instead I endeavour to dedicate myself to writing to varying degrees of return.

At 3PM I check in on Radio London to see if Danny Baker is doing a show but sadly no dice so I return to my desk and resume my writing efforts.

Eventually I wind up watching W after scouring my video files.  I have had this absolutely ages and never before felt inclined to watch it, to be honest I barely want to today.  Happily though the movie flies by and proves a lot more interesting and illuminating than I expected it to be.

By now I find myself well into Friday night as it plays out accordingly.  Disappointingly even though it is a holiday there is nothing on telly so soon I head to bed.

I fall asleep relatively early which then means I wake up in the early hours and promptly find myself unable to get back to sleep.  A weak kind of insomnia takes hold as I remain awake until 4AM, hearing my neighbours return noisily at 3AM in the process.

Awkwardly during my awake time I happen across Flash Gordon on ITV with the signing person distracting all the way through.  This movie gets more camp every time I see it and Ornella Muti gets hotter with each view.  I didn’t realise she survives until the end.  Go figure.

Thankfully I finally fall asleep but it is too late and too early all at the same time.

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