Saturday, 6 February 2010

Saturday 6 February 2010

This morning opens optimistically as I awaken at 8.15AM with the skies outside a brilliant blue suggesting that we just might have turned the corner on the winter weather for another season.

I feel tranquil today, rested and ready to go.  Yesterday was a good day, definitely what was required.  From here I head to Asda as per routine and sleepwalk through my weekly grocery shopping, almost managing to keep things healthy but ultimately I just don’t buy much in the way of food.  Thankfully Krave is still on promotion and at £1 a box who could say no?

Still dozy I return home to this week’s Danny Baker show where he nails the John Terry situation by pointing out that “he is just not very interesting.”  He adds to the scenario of Fabio Capello stripping him of his captaincy by suggesting he told Terry “you know how this works, we have to do this so I have been seen to take action and it will all blow over, I look like a boss and you contrite.  By the World Cup you’ll be back back back.”  Danny also adds that Terry may no longer be “pipe smoker of the year but he can still smoke his pipe.”  Quite frankly with his seemingly glib comments he makes more sense than any other writer or reporter who has commented on the situation so far.  At the end of the day nobody has died and it’s no big thing.

Later on in the show Noel Gallagher phones in his appearance and really does not sound impressed with Baker and as a result acts a little arsy in response to his questioning.  It reminds me of when I heard Evan Dando at the beginning of Baker’s BBC London show in the summer but the talented and knowledgeable man that he is Baker doesn’t rise to the bait (whereas in the past he may have) and eventually you sense Gallagher comes around but not before he gets in some digs about records sold in Japan vs listeners in Japan.  With this Baker doesn’t miss a bit with his response and never loses face while the Oasis reject looks little more than a prick and a fool.  Now that is class.

After the show I begin to murmur and finally begin writing solidly until midday with view to rewarding myself with some dinner upon reaching that hour.  For some reason I didn’t bother with breakfast this morning and when the hour reaches 11AM it generally tends to no longer feel worth bothering about.

In the afternoon I continue to write frantically until the football begins and I start following the Millwall v Norwich game.  Norwich currently led Division One and this is going to be a tough tough game.  I have never liked Norwich.  First all of their supporters I have ever met have been dicks.  Then the first (and only) time I went to Carrow Road it was sat in a restricted view seat and it just felt like a backwards club (and this is coming from a person that had an Ipswich Town season ticket in his youth).  Finally a couple of years ago (2003 I believe) I had a tiny drunken set to with a Norwich fan on a train returning from London.  He pretty much stole my Saturday night copy of the News Of The World and as I wrestled it back from him he began shouting “Bermondsey scum” at me.  Damn, we had been getting on so well up until that point.  This was the weekend of the Moses Ashikodi vs Mark McCammon butter knife fight that made the back pages of that particular copy of the News Of The World.

Today though going some way to make up for all that nasty business Millwall do it, we beat the league leaders, defeating the crap yellow tractor boys (I know, the Canaries) 2-1.  We fear no foe.

After this I find myself gawping at Evan Almighty on TV for some reason when really I should be writing.  Eventually this turns into Harry Hill, which is essential viewing at any time.

Writing continues into the evening when really in the grand scheme of things I should be soughting human interaction on a Saturday night.  Soon however I find myself beginning to flag on the writing front.

When The Virtual Revolution comes on I head to bed to watch it.  Briefly there is a fleeting mention of Ai Weiwei, who Germaine and I attended an opening by/of around this time last year.  Despite the show once more being fantastic and inspiring I am ashamed to admit that before the end I do however unfortunately nod off.

As I reawaken I find myself getting depressed wishing that I had a place to be and people to be with at the weekends.  Ironically when I get up and check my iPhone happily my prayers are almost answered as I have texts from both Stevo and Mark touching base in their varying ways.

With Music And Lyrics playing out in the background I attempt to write some more but unfortunately by this point I am spent.  From here I soon find myself returning to bed and quickly submitting to sleep.

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