Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Wednesday 1 July 2009

This morning I wake up just before 8.30 as it would appear I am finally getting into the swing of this doing nothing lark. I cannot say that it is with an altogether comfortable awakening that I enter the day but still it is nice not to be up at what seems the crack of dawn for once.

So how are work and my plans for the week progressing? Not very well. To be honest if I am really to pull every aspect of my life into order then really it is realistically going to take longer than a week to do so, so now as I am working against the clock and nearing the halfway point it has reached that horribly predictable stage of damage limitation.

Today I lack the early morning oomph of the pervious two mornings and instead of getting up straight away and starting out productive instead I indulge in watching the Fuck documentary that has just finished downloading on my currently inconsistent internet computer (not the computer that I write this bad boy shit on). The documentary is OK but these days in the real world the usage of the word feels more and more of a non-issue, much like porn. Thank you internets.

Not long after the movie ends my landline phones. I almost do not know what the ringing noise is when it sounds, it has been a long time since this phone has seen any major action and as a result when I pick up the receiver it is caked in dust. On the other end is a lady asking for the manager of Gringo Records or the person that deals with training. This is a pretty surreal phonecall and request. My stock response is just “Gringo Records hasn’t be going for years” and with that she apologies and hangs up. But what about my apparent hang up with the issue of Gringo Records?

Eventually I get into writing, now more focused on music writing away from the blog and nowhere near addressing/attempting Gestures.

Then the post arrives and with it my The Thick Of It Specials DVD. I currently have a fever for this show so now my writing looks set to be disrupted watching more TV.

First however I watch my Kill Your Idols documentary DVD about the experimental New York music. There is plenty of Lydia Lunch footage to keep me happy and this is coupled with Karen O being interviewed and looking normal for once. I had genuinely never realised that she was oriental. Without all the ridiculous packaging she is truly gorgeous. Still, shame about the Yeah Yeah Yeahs music.

For the remainder of the day I hang around the PC trying to muster up words and achieve something fruitful in the way of writing. It half comes.

Today it occurs to me that I am suddenly running low on food and that I will really need to leave the house and stock up soon which will mean having to do something about my grounded car. Oh well, that can wait until tomorrow.

On BBC3 they continue their Glastonbury highlights with the Lady Gaga set and it is genuinely really amazing. Go figure.

Hardly making much of my holiday, my night ends with me watching (wasting) Big Brother before stumbling across Ugly Betty which features a guest turn by Rab from Book Group. Too cool.

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